The ESL SEE Championship by numbers: the Kick-Off Season infographic

The Kick-Off Season of the ESL South East European Championship was a huge success! Teams from all over the six participating regions took part in four stages until the final was reached, with the champions of the five games each coming from a different country.

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The numbers show one thing for sure: South East Europe is ready and able to take on the esports scene. With the WGL Season 5 Finals taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria, this weekend, it’s only a matter of time before we see some of this region’s top teams stepping up and challenging the rest of the world for big esports titles.

Ertuğ "venza" Okçuoğlu of DP.ByNoGame, the League of Legends winner, said:
“It was good practice for teams before the new League of Legends season starts. We liked the tournament, plus having a Turkish preliminary gave us a chance to see the level of our opponents before the Turkish league starts. We would like to see another edition of the tournament at pre-season but with bigger prizes. Having the title of South East European Champion really means a lot to us.”

Milan “hybaa” Čašić of Kazna Kru, the World of Tanks champion, had to add:
“It was a fantastic experience, particularly getting the opportunity to play versus teams from regions and countries with whom we have traditional rivalries. Our fans were really fired up because of this, with many people wanting to participate. Of course, there were improvements that could be made as with everything, but in my personal opinion there is a lot of potential here.”

Martin Kadinov, product manager of the ESL SEE Championship, was also pleased with how the Kick-Off Season went:
“We're happy with the overall results of the ESL SEE Championship Kick-Off Season, which is why we wanted to share them with you. Both the participants and the audience appreciated the thrill of competing on both a national and international level. We're currently working hard to bring you the first season of the ESL SEE Championship, which should be being announced shortly."

With the champions of the Kick-Off Season having already been crowned, ESL is working hard to make season one of the ESL SEE Championship an even bigger hit for both players and audience alike. Stay tuned and get all the latest updates on the ESL SEE Championship Facebook page!


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