Team Liquid defeat OpTic Gaming in conclusive week of NA HCS Pro League regular season

The past two days of competition mark the completion of the North American Halo Championship Series: Pro League regular season. It has been an epic four weeks of Halo esports, and we’ve seen some surprising outcomes, including the rise of the young Splyce roster from last-minute LCQ winners to top contenders with a 6-1 regular season record.

These final two days of matches were crucial for the teams looking to get the top seeds heading into Finals. Splyce managed to recover from their loss against OpTic to sweep Luminosity 3-0 the following day. Evil Geniuses didn’t quite rise to the top this week, but were able to reverse sweep Ronin Esports to end their season 3-4 and tie Luminosity. And finally, Team EnVyUs won both their matches this week to finish in the top half with a 4-3 record.

Match of the Week: OpTic Gaming vs Splyce

If you’ve been following the NA HCS Pro League at all this season, you’ve been waiting for the matchup between OpTic and Splyce. The two undefeated teams met in Day 1 of the final week of the regular season. The series started off on Coliseum CTF, where Splyce started Game 1 with an impressive offense that looked poised to upset OpTic. However, it didn’t take long for the World Champions to overcome Splyce’s aggression, leading to a 3-1 win for OpTic.

Splyce responded to the loss by increasing the offensive power in Game 2 on Regret Slayer and quickly taking the lead. OpTic had been playing very well despite the deficit, and eventually managed to secure a narrow lead. Almost neck-and-neck with less than 10 points to 50 for each team, the game could have gone either way until Royal 2 got ahold of the Plasma Caster and landed a killing spree. The 4 kill swing and Splyce’s loss of the Overshield ultimately gave OpTic the necessary lead to take the game 50-45 and bring the series to 2-0.

Despite winning the first two games, OpTic was not guaranteed the sweep. Royal 2 had been making so many clutch plays for OpTic, but Splyce were holding their own and proving they would not back down. In Game 3 on Rig Strongholds, Splyce took the lead at the start of the game. However, Royal 2 was racking up kills just about as fast as Splyce could respawn and Frosty was controlling the power weapons. A few minutes in, OpTic took the lead and, within seconds, Frosty got the Triple Kill. OpTic halted Splyce and prevented them from getting any points as they took control of the map and won the game 100-23.

Team Liquid defeat OpTic Gaming

Last week, we saw Liquid begin a winning streak that continued into this final week of the regular season. The Liquid roster was already one of the top teams heading into this season, but had not lost a match since picking up Ace in the last roster change period. OpTic were coming off an epic sweep after their matchup against Splyce, where they emerged as the only undefeated team in the league. In Day 2 of the final week of the regular season, we saw the rising stars face off against the only undefeated team in the NA HCS Pro League.

OpTic played really well throughout the first two games of the series against Liquid, but were still out-played. The series was 2-0 in favor of Liquid heading into Game 3 on Plaza Strongholds, where OpTic looked to secure the reverse sweep and maintain their undefeated season. If we’ve learned anything this season, it’s that no one sweeps OpTic Gaming. Despite some good shooting and solid plays from Liquid, OpTic refused to give up control of the map. After securing a 100-25 win on Strongholds, OpTic seemed poised to take the reverse sweep.

After a hard-earned 3-2 Coliseum CTF win for OpTic in Game 4, it became apparent that Game 5 wasn’t a given for either team. Both teams remained neck and neck in an intense game on Truth Slayer. Things looked grim for Liquid as OpTic were only two kills away from the win at 48-42. Suddenly, Liquid managed to drop three of the OpTic roster to regain control of the map, allowing them to even the score. The Liquid roster refused to give up any kills as they came back to win the game 50-48 and hand OpTic their first loss of the season.


Will Team Liquid continue to rise to the top at DreamHack Atlanta? Will Splyce be able to avenge their loss against OpTic Gaming? Who will claim the title of Summer Season Champions?

You can watch the NA HCS Pro League Summer 2017 Season Finals at DreamHack Atlanta on the Halo Twitch channel and ESL Halo Facebook page from July 21-23! Be sure to follow the ESL Halo Twitter and Facebook for updates as we head into #HCS Pro League Summer 2017 Season Finals.


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