Teal Team 6 heats up in Week 6 of the World of Tanks Gold League North America

It was a heated week in the World of Tanks Gold League North America. As we progress in the season, teams are fighting even harder for higher seeds in the playoffs. With so much on the line, this week led to big upsets, complete routs, and close overtime matches.


The two newest teams in the league, Teal Team 6 and F7, faced off in a match that had the potential to have big playoff implications down the line. Teal Team 6 were especially looking for points to continue moving up the standings.

Neither team could hold the line on defense, the two teams split Sand River to start the match 1-1. F7 and TT6 clashed on Cliff in the next match, ultimately splitting the second map. With the score tied 2-2, Teal Team 6 started to take control on Mines. Teal Team only lost a single tank throughout their two wins on Mines. After putting F7 on match point, 4-2, Teal Team 6 ended the match with an easy Ruinberg attack to win the series 5-2.


In arguably the biggest match of the week, the second place Dare Rising took on the third place eClipse in a huge match for playoff seeding. Both teams were trying to hold onto that playoff bye.

eClipse started off the night strong with back to back wins on Ghost Town. Then, Dare showed some signs of life on Sand River, where they picked up one win after a close ending. However, after that single win, eClipse dominated the rest of the match to come away with a 5-1 victory!


Dare were looking for win after a big loss to eClipse on Tuesday. Teal Team 6 were heating up lately, and they were looking for another win to reach the top half of the standings.

It was an even match to start after the teams went 1-1 on Mines. Much like Dare’s previous series against eClipse, the next match brought the score to 2-2. At this point, it looked like this match would go long and possibly even into overtime. However, Teal Team 6 was just getting started. Teal Team 6 stormed through the next three games on Ruinberg and Murovanka to take the surprise 5-2 victory over Dare Rising. Teal Team 6 are quickly establishing themselves as a threat in this league.


Both of these teams were low in the standings and were desperately looking for a win to stave off relegation. O7 were at a disadvantage because they only had one win in the season. Still, despite their less than ideal record, their one win was against eClipse, which held weight.

This match was back and forth from the very start, where both teams finished 1-1 on Ghost Town when neither team could hold on in defenses. It was the same story on Himmels, where both teams won their attacks to bring the match to 2-2. Both teams traded wins until the match reached overtime.

O7 were looking for that second win on the season, but they drew the short straw and had to attack on Murovanka. Aquatic M60s were able to hold fast on Murovanka in overtime to secure the win for themselves. O7 still got a single point for getting to overtime, and as we approach the end of the season, every point counts.


On Tuesday, Top Tier defeated o7 with a 5-1 victory and Elevate shut out Aquatic M60s with a 5-0 win.

On Thursday,Top Tier came away with a big upset and defeated eClipse 5-4 in overtime and Elevate dominated F7 with a clean sweep.


Make sure to come watch more World of Tanks action next Tuesday at 5:30PM PST on twitch.tv/wglna! Leading off we have our two last place teams, o7 and F7 in the battle of the 7s as they try and avoid relegation. Afterwards we have eClipse vs Teal Team 6 to see if TT6 can continue their win streak!

You can watch the pre-show with Bted and a rotating mystery guest on twitch.tv/wargaming starting at 4:50PM PST before the broadcast.

As always, follow the WGLNA on Twitter and Facebook to keep up on all the latest news!


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