Splyce and OpTic Remain Tied for First After Week 2 of the North American Halo Championship Series: Pro League

We are approaching the middle of the season as Week 2 of the North American Halo Championship Series: Pro League is in the books. As the season progresses, revamped rosters are finding their rhythm while some of the veteran rosters continue to dominate. Ninja and Victory had a great day for Luminosity Gaming in their 3-1 series against Team Liquid for their first win of the season. OpTic Gaming continued their undefeated streak this season after sweeping Str8 Rippin.

Day 3 started off with an intense matchup between EG and EnVy. The EG roster has been playing at a very high level so far this season and they needed to continue doing so in order to compete against the HCS Daytona champions.

Match of the Week: Evil Geniuses v. Team EnVyUs

EnVy needed the win to start the series, but EG showed no mercy as they dominated EnVy to win Game 1 on Empire Strongholds with an incredible 100-5 score. EnVy quickly brushed off the loss and took Game 2 on Truth Slayer to tie the series 1-1. Both teams picked up the pace heading into Game 3, where EnVy secured two flag caps in the first half of the game on Coliseum CTF. Despite EG capping a flag with time to spare on the clock, EnVy used defensive plays and smart use of the Power Weapons to cap their final flag and take a 2-1 lead in the series.

In Game 4, both teams seemed evenly matched in the first few minutes on Eden Strongholds until EG took control of Catwalk took the lead. EnVy still had a shot to regain control of the map and managed to reduce the deficit significantly, but it was simply not enough in the face of EG’s fast-paced and aggressive campaign. The final score was 100-72 in favor of EG, which took the series into a Game 5.

EG slowed things down in the final game of the series on Rig Slayer. Even as EnVy took the lead in the first minutes of the game, EG remained calm to avoid losing control. However, they needed to be a lot more assertive against a top team like EnVy, especially once they controlled three Sniper Rifles and Camo. After maintaining the lead throughout Game 5, Snip3down took the final kill with the Sniper Rifle to win the series 3-2.

Despite the loss, EG have been playing some of the best Halo we’ve seen from this roster in quite some time. Tapping Buttons has been a great addition to the EG roster and will continue to be a player to watch as this season progresses.

The rivalry between Splyce and Ronin continues

After winning the Last Chance Qualifier, Splyce are still tied for number one spot with OpTic. In the final match of Day 3, Splyce faced off against rival Ronin Esports. For Ronin, a win would have tied them with EnVy for the number two spot, and for Splyce, it would have dropped them down from number one.

Continuing with the day’s theme of epic Game 1 wins on Empire Strongholds, Splyce took the first game of the series 100-48. Splyce continued to unleash on Ronin in Game 2, where Renegade landed some amazing shots, eventually earning a Killing Frenzy. Ronin looked like they could have won Game 3, but Splyce tied the game in the last minutes and prevented Cratos from securing the final flag cap.

Game 3 went into overtime, where both teams remained deadlocked as the time ran from the clock. OT was completely scoreless, which triggered a full replay. Splyce maintained control of the map in the replay and had capped two flags when Ronin were unfortunately forced to forfeit the game due to technical difficulties.


Will Str8 Rippin be able to secure their first win of the season against the undefeated Splyce? Will Luminosity Gaming be able to continue their streak against Ronin Esports? You can watch Week 3 of the NA HCS Pro League Summer 2017 broadcasts on the Halo Twitch channel and ESL Halo Facebook page on June 14! Be sure to follow the ESL Halo Twitter and Facebook for updates as we continue the #HCS Pro League Summer 2017 Season.


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