SMITE Pro League to join the ESL Fantasy lineup!

Wednesday the 27th of August not only marks the start of the SMITE Pro League but also the addition of a new game to ESL Fantasy. Joining League of Legends, StarCraft II and CS:GO, SMITE is the now fourth game to be supported in our very own Fantasy league!

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How it works

Joining in is easy. You can sign up with your existing ESL account or simply use Facebook, Google+ or Twitter - whichever you prefer. Then, all you need to do is name your team, click ‘join league’ and you’re all set and ready to start picking your players.

With all the players from each of the regions’ six teams at your disposal, you have total freedom in setting up your team. Starting with $5,500, you are able to pick players from both EU and NA Pro League teams and, based on their performances in the league, you will earn and lose points. For each and every play week, you will be able to set up your team right up until the first match goes live. Afterwards, you get to see how your players perform before taking your next move on the following Monday, when teams become unlocked once more for you to make your move.

The point system for SMITE Pro League:

  Kill Death Assist GPM Killing Spree
Solo 3 -2 2 0,01 1
Jungle 3 -2 2 0,01 1
Mid 3 -2 2 0,01 1
Hunter 3 -2 2 0,01 1
Support 3 -2 2 0,01 1

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Marcel Menge, managing director of eSports technology at ESL and creator of ESL Fantasy, said of SMITE's addition to the lineup:

"We're delighted to be adding another game to the ESL Fantasy family, and look forward to working with the growing SMITE community as well as the devs of the SMITE eSports scene. With lots of exciting developments on the horizon, we would also like to thank Hi-Rez for working together with us to make ESL Fantasy SMITE a reality."

We’re definitely looking forward to another fun ESL Fantasy league as well as another pro league for a game that took its first competitive steps with ESL.

Good luck to all the players in both the SMITE Pro League and on ESL Fantasy, and if you have any hints for players not familiar with the SMITE Pro scene, feel free to drop them in the comments below!


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