Seraph, Ravelord Servant, and Alernakin emerge as champions after For Honor Hero Series Grand Finals

The first For Honor Hero Series has finally come to a close. After four weeks of intense competition, 16 warriors from all over the world gathered in Burbank, California for an epic Grand Finals and a chance to be named the For Honor Hero Series champion.


In the PS4 Finals, Ravelord Servant as Warlord was winning the series 2-0 against Rikuto’s Orochi. But Rikuto, calm and collected, wasn’t planning on giving up just yet. Before Ravelord could close out his victory, Rikuto brought the match to a tie, 2-2 after switching his hero to Warden to win two games in a row 3-1 and 3-2 respectively.

In the final game, Rikuto continued his game with Warden while Ravelord switched his hero to Centurion. Both were down to their last health bar and cautiously playing around each other when Ravelord, with a 2-1 lead, connected the final hit to secure his victory and crown as the first For Honor Hero Series PS4 Champion.


The Xbox Finals between Seraph as Orochi and Ark6712 as Warlord started off aggressively with both players going in for the kill at any chance they got. After Seraph won the first map 3-1, Ark was still in the fight. Ark almost won the second map with a 2-1 lead, but fell short 2-3.

With unwavering focus, Seraph shut Ark out in the final map 3-0, dominating the series in a 3-0 sweep and becoming the For Honor Hero Series Xbox One Champion


The PC Finals began with two long, but intense, round robin pools, where the top 4 from each group then proceed into a Best of 5 round Best of 3 Map single elimination bracket.

Right before the bracket, viewers were on the edge of their seats as SypherPK and Hhhhmmm1 engaged in a very heated match. SypherPK, as Warlord, was winning the series with a 1-0 lead, and only needed one more game to secure a Top 8 spot. However, Hhhmmm1 wasn’t going to give up so easily. In the second game, both were down to their last health bar when Hhhmmm1’s Orochi was able to pull SypherPK into a guard break followed by an execution, winning the second game to tie the series 1-1.

Both players were playing their best against each other, going toe to toe, hit for hit. They were once again down to the final health bar and at full stamina when SypherPK counter guard broke Hhhmmm1, who then somehow tripped over a rock. In an extremely unusual finish, Hhhmmm1 fell down, which allowed SypherPK to finish him off and secure his spot into the Quarterfinals.

In the elimination bracket, Hhhhmmm1 and Bandanaa both defeated Clutchmeister and SypherPK 2-0 respectively and to face off in the Semi Finals. Skorbrand defeated Barace 2-1 and Alernakin defeated Lorensid 2-0 to advance into the remaining Semi Finals spots.

Bandanaa and Hhhhmmm1 were tied in their match 1-1 before Bandanaa, as Centurion, shut down Hhhhmmm1’s Orochi 3-0 in the final game, securing his spot in the Finals with a final score of 2-1.

In the second Semi Finals match, Alernakin took down Skorbrand 3-0 and then again at 3-1 to earn his spot against Bandanaa in the Finals match.

Finals were a Best of 5 round Best of 5 Map. Alernakin’s Nobushi won the first map, 3-1, but that didn’t stop Bandanaa’s Centurion in the second map. Bandanaa almost took the win with a 2-1 lead before Alernakin came back strong to take victory in the second map as well.

In the final map, Alernakin was winning 2-0 with only one round away from being crowned as the PC Champion. Down to one health bar, he managed to bring down Bandanaa’s full health to one bar and finished him off with Nobushi’s zone attack to win the For Honor Hero Series PC Finals.


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