Out of this Worlds and into IEM San Jose? Looking ahead at the Worlds 2015 semifinals with Deman

This weekend, the final four teams of the League of Legends World Championship will face off to find those worthy to battle for the title in Berlin on October the 31st. Two Intel Extreme Masters San Jose attendees, Fnatic and Origen, are still fighting for this big chance. Can the Europeans hope for the first title since Fnatic won Season 1? Here our very own Leigh “Deman” Smith takes a look at both matchups and gives us his perspective on the favorites for both of the semifinals.

Leigh “Deman” Smith

“Fnatic have a real chance. They really could take it to KOO Tigers, and in a best of five I fancy their chances. Febiven in the mid lane is far more aggressive and covers the map a lot, which might put Kuro into an uncomfortable position. Looking to the top lane, Smeb’s Fiora dominance will not be a factor as Huni has already manhandled the best of what Koro1 had to offer using Riven - so the issue in my eyes is the bottom lane. Rekkles and YellOwStaR have not had the best time, and PraY and GorillA will be a real handful for them. This is where ReignOver will have to be on point, which he will be since he’s helped secure first blood in all nine games for Fnatic so far!

The Worlds 2015 semifinals:
Saturday, October 24th at 16:30 CEST: Origen vs. SK Telecom T1
Sunday, October 25th at 14:30 CEST: Fnatic vs. KOO Tigers

I do believe, however, that Origen are in a very tough place. To beat SK Telecom T1 they will not only have to be on top form but also require the Koreans to make some sizeable mistakes. The lane matchups all across the rift favor SK Telecom T1: MaRin in the top lane has been one of the best players in the World Championship so far, bengi and Faker are both playing well if not setting the world alight and then Bang and Wolf have just barely died at all. Meanwhile, Origen are riding on the crest of a wave as the Cinderella story, but I feel it’s about to come to an abrupt end.”

With two potential European finalists in the League of Legends World Championship, the hype for the grand final in Berlin would no doubt reach its absolute maximum.

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