Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. Team SoloMid: the Scandinavian showdown

Opening the day with the last quarterfinal saw Ninjas in Pyjamas face Team SoloMid, the former Team Dignitas, for the rematch of last year’s CS:GO major at Katowice. NiP were able to take the Danes down by 2-0 in the semifinal with 16-6 and 16-5. With slight lineup changes and a new organization, were TSM ready to take them down and be the only team in the semis who have not yet won a CS:GO major?

MAP ONE: Dust2
Starting the pistol round saw both teams being cheered by the audience early on. Ninjas in Pyjamas, starting as T, were able to plant the bomb and saw f0rest defending it successfully to take the pistol round. Controlling the next two rounds, NiP build up a 3-0 lead. One more round went to NiP, before TSM were able to take a close but well played round. Rounds were traded back and forth, seeing both teams showing what they got and taking the scoreline to 5-3 for NiP before the Ninjas were able to extend their lead with another streak. Three rounds went their way, before karrigan and his team were able to take their fourth round. However, this was the last round going to the Danes while NiP established an 11-4 scoreline at half time.

A good start for TSM into their CT pistol round was stopped by GeT_RiGhT and his mates. However, a strong Tec-9 eco turned out to be the fifth round for TSM, only to see NiP returning the favor and picking up an eco as well. NiP managed to take the score to 14-5, before TSM were picking up pace again and scoring three consecutive rounds before the Swedes made it to match point and took the Dust2 at a 16-8 scoreline.

MAP TWO: Inferno
A solid pistol round from TSM gave them a good start and enabled them to score the first couple of rounds. The fifth round saw NiP working strong on another eco, picking up the first round and bringing the scoreline to 4-1 to the Danes. However, TSM continued their run and showed why they picked Inferno to be their map. It was three more rounds going to karrigan and his mates, before NiP scored again to bring the score to 7-3 with two consecutive rounds. From there on it was only one more round to go to them, as TSM showed some very good plays and brought the scoreline to 11-4 before switching sides.

The second pistol round saw TSM taking the Ninjas down once again. Investing almost all their money into the next round NiP were putting a lot on the line. But the round didn’t work out for them at all, meaning TSM being able to take the game to 14-4 with not much effort the round after. Winning even the next equipped round of NiP with a great ace from Xyp9x, TSM was able to secure the 16-4 win in the following round already, taking the game to the third and final map.

Starting as CT there were high hopes for the NiP fans to see their team getting the better opening. A strong round by GeT_RiGhT secured them the first scored round after the successful stream of TSM on Inferno. Two rather quick eco rounds for TSM saw NiP getting the often hard follow up rounds before they came back equipped in round four. A well executed move on the A spot was the first round, but only to see NiP taking another two and setting the score to 5-1. TSM turned up really strong in the rounds after and showing some well timed pushes on both spots, securing them four rounds in a row before NiP were able to stop them once again and set the score to only 6-5 in the Swedes favor. Just one round later, it was on TSM to bring the game to an all equal 6-6. This was the signal for Ninjas in Pyjamas to bring their A game again, taking the remaining rounds and bringing the score to a still not that comfortable 9-6 lead for them.

The pistol round saw TSM finding back the strength they had shown as Ts already, taking NiP down and setting even more pressure on the champion of ESL One Cologne. However, another strong eco round here at ESL One Katowice brought NiP back to take three rounds in total, before TSM put a stop to them extending their lead at 12-8. TSM took the game from here once again and closing in on NiP round after round, bringing the scoreline to an equal 12-12. This equalizing was once again a signal for NiP to step it up. Three rounds with the NiP players showing their individual strengths, brought the game to three match points for them with TSM on an eco. TSM did good in this round but were not able to stop Ninjas in Pyjamas to complete the all champion semifinals. TSM did show a lot in this match and can be proud of themselves bringing NiP this close to dropping out in the quarterfinals.

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