Meet the winners of The Grand Finals 2016!

After a grueling Grand Finals battle, we now know who’s walking away with the trophy as well as the lion’s share of the whopping US$300,000 prize pool. There were plenty of incredible plays and explosive matches at the Torwar Hall in Warsaw, Poland, but only one team could emerge victorious...

The final showdown

Little did we know that the first matchup to kick off The Grand Finals 2016 proceedings this weekend would also be the one to close out the event the next day. A close final battle with an insane tiebreaker, it would have been hard to finish things off in a more dramatic manner!

It was Natus Vincere versus Hellraisers once more, with the two teams locked in an epic showdown that saw all players except three wiped from the map - only Applew0w and Grifon remained for Hellraisers and Inspirer for Na’Vi.

With two against one, it looked like it was all over for Na’Vi. However, Applew0w managed to get stuck on a cliff while attempting to come down from an elevated position, meaning the grievously damaged Grifon was left to face Inspirer alone. After a tense game of hide and seek eventually ended in Inspirer’s favor, there was nothing Applew0w could do except watch as his opponent rolled on to victory and a 7-6 series win for Na’Vi.

The prizes

With Na’Vi taking home the trophy as well as the majority of the US$300,000 prize pool, the final placing and prize distribution for The Grand Finals 2016 was as follows:

  • First place: US$150,000 to Natus Vincere
  • Second place: US$75,000 to Hellraisers
  • Third place: US$35,000 to Wombats on Tanks
  • Fourth place: US$20,000 to Not So Serious
  • Fifth to eighth place: US$5,000 to Tornado.Rox, YaTo, SIMP and Kazna Kru

Congratulations to Na’Vi!

Congratulations to Grand Final 2016 winners Natus Vincere as well as all the participating teams for their incredible performances at the event

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