Lots of CS:GO fantasy league options for ESL ESEA Pro League fans!

Have you been practicing your teambuilding skills with ESL Fantasy during the last five weeks of ESL ESEA CS:GO Pro League action? Or perhaps during one of our past ESL One events? This week, Vulcun has come on board as official sponsor of the ESL ESEA Pro League, and we’re happy to be able to introduce their real money fantasy league, which provides plenty of ways for you to showcase your CS:GO Fantasy talent.

Vulcun fantasy leagues

Vulcun has a wide variety of formats for their daily fantasy leagues contest including regular competitions, heads-up matches, double-ups and free-to-enter practice contests. In order to test the waters, we recommend signing up for one of the free daily practice contests, in which you can compete against up to 8,000 players for the best daily fantasy team. Winners can not only get small cash prizes but most importantly gain invaluable experience in the art of building winning fantasy teams.

If you think you’re good enough to measure your skills against other players, you can do so in one of the many cash contests for various buy-in amounts. Even if fantasy sports are a game of skill, be sure to play responsibly and only risk money you are also willing to potentially lose.

Sign up for the Vulcun fantasy league here!

Build your perfect roster

All team managers participating in a contest start with a fixed fantasy budget (such as $10,000) with which they can craft their best possible roster. The roster is then scored based on its performance, with the best team in the contest winning. For each kill, death, assist and headshot, players receive the following points:

Top picks for week six match day one

Although Flipsid3 Tactics is the favorite team to stack because of their three matches in today’s schedule, the prediction pros at Vulcun are not recommending Flipsid3 players. Here’s an overview of who they think are the best investments of the day:

Fnatic’s KRIMZ is the standout for value for his team this year. Due to his price tag ($1,579) and overall consistency, he is a top pick for tonight. Sure to deliver great performances on Fnatic’s map choices of Train and Dust 2 (with emphasis on the latter), he should score better than the team’s most expensive player olofmeister.

Fnatic’s flusha is another top pick this week. Although he is a bit of a wildcard on Train, he performs consistently well on Dust 2. His lower price tag ($1,448) compared to his teammates’ may make him a great alternative for those relying only on the most expensive Fnatic players.

Virus.Pro’s Snax is the best pick for the price ($1,376). Even though a lot of the talk will be about VP’s most expensive player pasha, Snax may still be the better choice for today - he is cheaper and scores the highest out of all of his teammates.

Device of Team SoloMid ($1,527) is the top choice in his team. He only has three negative scoring games out of the last ten, which makes him a consistent source of points. He should be one of the highest scoring one-match players overall.

Finally, we have kennyS from Team Titan. Although he may seem as a questionable choice at first, his raw kill ability could provide the necessary boost you need to excel over other predictable stacks.

Have ideas of your own?

If you want to test your skills against other players on a daily basis, put together your team here! You can also check out ESL’s own fantasy league here.

To find out more about Vulcun’s fantasy league, be sure to visit the official website. For all the latest information about the Pro League itself, check out the ESL ESEA Pro League site!


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