Is 2021 APAC’s Time To Shine in PUBG?

The PUBG Continental Series 4 APAC is just around the corner, and teams from across Asia-Pacific are already gearing up in what’s set to be one of the most competitive PCS seasons yet. With a $7,500 USD qualifier prize pool, the PCS4 APAC Oceania qualifiers aren’t just a way for teams to qualify into PCS4 – they’re a meaningful way to earn a bit of cash for a talented region that has been underrepresented on the global stage.

Ahead of the OCE qualifier, we spoke to 6RYN from Team Bliss about all things PUBG and PCS in the region.

Q: In PCS3 APAC, FURY managed a 4th-place finish – could we see an OCE team reach the podium (top 3) this season?
6RYN: We don’t know the final format for PCS4 yet, but I definitely think FURY can make a top 3 placing in PCS4 as they’re looking as strong as ever and have consistently placed top 5 in the last 3 PCS events, one of them being a 2nd place finish in PCS2.

Q: What is going to be the biggest challenge for teams to adapt to moving into the 2021 season?
6RYN: Adapting to the Most Chicken format, which means the team with the most chicken dinners over the series will take home first place, meaning placement points won’t exist, apart from winning the game.

Q: Compared to pro PUBG in Europe or North America, what differentiates APAC as a region?
6RYN: Having only experienced playing in the APAC region I can’t speak as a player, but only a spectator of the other regions. I would say the APAC teams rely a lot more on their fighting ability than their strategy.

Q: What advice would you give to a new team in the APAC region, looking to make their way to PCS and professional PUBG?
6RYN: (laughs) Get out while you still can! It takes a lot of work, and a lot of playtime to be able to compete at the top level – so make sure you love the game before trying to go pro!

Q: Finally, who’s your pick to look out for in PCS4 APAC?
6RYN: I’m a big fan of FURY and Buriram United so I will be looking out for those teams.

Signups for the PCS4 Oceania Open Qualifiers are open now:


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