Introducing the Call of Duty World League, presented by PlayStation 4 Community Cast Off!

The Call of Duty World League Community Cast Off is bringing a whole new level of competition to Stage 2! Over the remaining weeks, eight selected casters from the Call of Duty esports community will compete in the Cast Off for a chance to secure a spot to commentate at the Stage 2 Finals and the 2016 Call of Duty Championship.

Out of the eight community casters, only two can advance. Let’s meet the contestants.


North America:


  • Twitter: @landoCoD
  • Name: Landon Sanders
  • Hometown: Marion, Illinois


  • Twitter: @RondezFox
  • Name: Rondez Green
  • Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland


  • Twitter: @ParadoxCaster
  • Name: Quintin Johnson
  • Hometown: Detroit, Michigan


  • Twitter: @LemonKiwi_
  • Name: Jennifer Pichette
  • Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario



  • Twitter: @iRage
  • Name: Alex Bartley
  • Hometown: Nottingham, UK


  • Twitter: @TheTrout91
  • Name: Chris Trout
  • Hometown: London, UK

Australia / New Zealand:

Doctor Curry

  • Twitter: @Doctor_Curry
  • Name: William Dwan
  • Hometown: Melbourne, Australia


  • Twitter: @JamesMilBoss
  • Name: James Milburn
  • Hometown: Melbourne, Australia

Over the next four weeks, the casters have been grouped into pairs to cast one match each week:

  • Week 4: @ParadoxCaster - @JamesMilboss
  • Week 5: @RondezFox - @iRage
  • Week 6: @LemonKiwi_ - @Doctor_Curry
  • Week 7: @landoCoD - @TheTrout91

On Thursdays of each week, the CWL North American Casters -- Mr. X, Maven, CouRage, and Revan -- will provide feedback and impressions to each of the casters about their performance. Following that, the four North American casters will place their vote alongside the CWL community to decide which of the two casters was better. The CWL community will be able to vote via Twitter polls that @CODWorldLeague will share weekly.

After Week 7, four of the casters will be eliminated. The remaining four will be paired up and cast in the following weeks, two matches for each pair:

  • Week 8 & 10: First pair
  • Week 9 & 11: Second pair

Following the conclusion of Week 11, the North America Casters, alongside the CWL Community, will vote again. This will decide the final two community casters that will secure their spot to cast in the Stage 2 Finals and at the 2016 Call of Duty Championship!

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