Introducing the all-new social media WCS Challenger selection process!

Season 2 of the WCS may have only just finished but there’s no rest for the stars of the competition as they they look towards a successful Season 3 campaign. The Challenger phase for Season 3 is right around the corner, and now it’s time for last season’s strongest players to choose their opponents. Take a look at the European and American Challenger selection format for Season 3!

WCS Premier/Challenger format

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As you can see by taking a closer look at the Europe Challenger, 14 newly qualified players will face up against the 14 players who played in the previous season. In order to determine the matchups, last season’s Premier League players will be seeded based on WCS Season 2 rankings followed by WCS points and random draw if they are still tied. The highest seeded player will then proceed to pick his opponent of choice, followed by the second seed and so forth until all 14 matches have been determined.

The selection process itself will be handled via social media. Starting on Saturday, July the 11th at 18:00 CEST, the Premier League players will tweet out their selections using their opponents’ Twitter handle and the official hashtag #WCSChallenge.

Seeded players - Europe

As WCS Season 2 runner-up, Lilbow will have first choice in the Season 3 Challenger selection. Keep an eye on Lilbow’s Twitter account as he kicks off the selection process on Saturday at 18:00 CEST! The complete seeding ranks are as follows:

Seed Player S2 rank WCS points
1 France Lilbow 2 1,425
2  Bunny 3-4 1,900
3  TLO 5-8 1,200
4  MarineLorD 5-8 650
5  FireCake 9-12 650
6  GunGFuBanDa 9-12 400
7  ForGG 13-16 1275
8  Harstem 13-16 725
9  Ret 13-16 425
10  elfi 17-24 250
11  Elazer 17-24 150
12  Snute 25-32 1075
13  MaNa 25-32 525
14  ShoWTimE* Chall (39) 950

*replacing Patraeus, who chose to take part in the SEA qualifiers

Qualified players - Europe

Waiting to be chosen are the 14 players who fought their way through the Europe/Africa/Middle East qualifiers. Seven of the 14 slots have yet to be determined as the qualifiers are still in progress and will finish on Friday the 10th of July. However, you can already have a look at the first seven challengers below:

Seeded players - Americas

The same Challenger selection process will also apply to WCS America, who will start with their selections on Sunday, July 12th at 15:00 PDT (0:00 CEST), unless the European Challenger Selection finishes earlier, in which case the American selection will start as soon as Europe is finished. You can check out their seeding below:

Seed Player S2 rank WCS points
1  Polt 3-4 3150
2  Jaedong 5-8 1225
3  StarDust 5-8 600
4  viOLet 17-24 300
5  MaSa 17-24 200
6  Xenocider 17-24 200
7  Kane 25-32 700


Qualified Players - Americas

Join us on Twitter on Saturday the 11th of July from 18:00 CEST and keep an eye on @LilbowSC to watch the action unfold. Which matchups are you expecting? Join the conversation on Twitter by using the #WCSChallenge hashtag!


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