Intel® Grand Slam Season 2 kicks off with $1,000,000 on the line

After Astralis completed the challenge for Season 1, securing a handsome payday, it’s time to reset the counter and throw down the IGS gauntlet once again.  

Starting with the IEM Katowice CS:GO Major 2019, teams will have a new opportunity to win four eligible events from the Intel® Extreme Masters, ESL One, ESL Pro League and DreamHack Masters calendar within ten attempts to secure the $1,000,000 prize.

IEM Sydney 2019, DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 and ESL One Cologne 2019 are confirmed as the next stops in the circuit. Visit the Intel® Grand Slam website to stay up to date on the official calendar as new events are revealed. These are the key points you need to know to follow Season 2 of the IGS as it unfolds:

How to win the IGS

-As previously stated, the Intel® Grand Slam is completed by the first team that wins four IGS-eligible tournaments inside a span of ten consecutive events.

-If a team fails to attend an event, it counts as a “no win” for the purposes of completing the IGS.

-Results from the previous season of the Intel® Grand Slam are not counted towards the current season.

The “Giant Killer Bonus”

-If a team that is about to complete the IGS is stopped in the final of their potential 4th win, their opponents receive the $100,000 “Giant Killer Bonus”. 

-If two teams face each other for their 4th win at a final, meaning one of them will win the IGS at the end, the winner does not receive an additional “Giant Killer Bonus”.

-There is no limit to how many “Giant Killer Bonuses” are paid out in a single IGS Season.

Roster rules

-If a player leaves a team and competes in an IGS event for another team, he or she becomes ineligible for IGS prize money from the original team.

-Teams are allowed to swap players between tournaments, but a core of the same three players has to win four finals together in order to be eligible for the IGS.

-Eligible players get a share in the prize money in proportion to their contribution to the IGS (counting only the relevant final matches).

-All prize money in the IGS (the main prize and the “Giant Killer Bonus”) gets sent directly to the players that participated in the relevant finals.

Stay up to date with all developments around the Intel® Grand Slam on our official Counter-Strike Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.


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