Inside from the insiders - the ESL One Manila talent takes a special look at the tournament ahead!

Most experts and fans might be wondering what the new Team Secret’s play style will look like during their first LAN, whether or not DJ will continue to shine bright with Fnatic or if any Earth Spirits will make it through the banning phases. But our ESL One Manila broadcasting crew is already moving on past these issues and instead focusing on the nitty-gritty, the real questions that will affect the tournament as a whole. Go on and take a look at their in-depth tournaments predictions.


Team Secret’s new line up is something that we are all looking forward to seeing. On paper, this team should win every Dota event, probably any event regardless of the game, and perhaps even an Oscar.


A non-SEA team has never won a Dota 2 LAN event in the Philippines, so according to history, Mineski will win the championship.


Swindlemelonzz. The semi-delusional, drama-mongering, Euls-dropping, Swindlezz-prophet. At first, his remarks, and play, were met with raucous laughter or eye-rolling. But now, everyone is scratching their heads, wondering if he knew what all of us thought was never possible.  Are NA & SEA really on top now? After all, Secret did win the last major, and technically now they are an NA team.


6.87 comes out mid tournament, buffing Storm Spirit.


Arteezy leaves Secret during game 2 of the finals for Liquid after Blitz kicks Kuro for him. Secret has no replacement players and is forced to ask the casting team, is anyone from NA, not Asian, and 6k or higher MMR? Since I am the only one who meets these criteria, I am forced to play for Secret. We win the tournament.


Liquid vs Secret grand final is gonna be a seating disaster. Will ESL put Arteezy or KuroKy on the left side of the stage?


Perhaps Wings will win the entire tournament and Slacks will continue saying 'Wings' is an obnoxious way.


Shortly after the plane crash the broadcast team will find themselves trapped on a tropical island hundreds of miles away from the event with little food and water. Capitalist and Merlini will attempt to be the leaders of the group after the crash, using their MMR as evidence of their leadership. Blitz will remove all of his clothes on night one and disappear into the jungle, silently. On day 2 OD Pixel will come up with some sort of idea which is needlessly dangerous, killing Slacks. Merlini investigates the disaster and mistakenly finds Godz responsible, killing him.

On day 3 Pimp and Noxville will attempt to make computers out of vegetation to help them cope with the loss of technology, but when it doesn't work they will form a death pact and end each other's lives out of mercy. Both of their graves will have Stats on how long they lived and how many times they bought what item on what hero. On night 3 Maelk will be dragged screaming into the jungle by a now feral Blitz, never to be seen again; but his cries will be heard every night for several days following. On day 4 the crew will awaken to find Chobra had built a boat and sailed away 2 days ago on the other side of the island. OD will offer to swim after him, and will immediately drown. Merlini investigates the disaster and mistakenly finds Purge responsible, killing him.

On the last day Blitz returns to take his prize, Capitalist, in broad daylight, followed by an army of tamed jungle apes. No one attempts to help Capitalist, and although he kills several apes eventually he is brought down and dragged screaming into the jungle by the naked king Blitz, to be his wife. Merlini investigates the situation and mistakenly finds himself to blame, killing himself. Tobi Wan awakens on day 5 after being forgotten under the rubble of the plane crash, uses his cell phone to call for a rescue, and leaves that night. When the boat comes, Blitz and Capitalist emerge from the jungle wearing pressed suits and looking well shaven. The three enter the boat and head to the next Dota 2 event, well rested and happy. Maelk comes back as a ghost but everyone just ignores him.

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