Injustice 2 gameplay, awesome giveaways, and highest level of Mortal Kombat X competition at this weekend’s Season 3 Finals!

After an unbelievable 8 weeks of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League, the time has almost come for the final showdown. Sixteen of the league’s absolute best will be fighting head-to-head this Saturday, June 11, in front of a sold-out studio audience for their shot at not just a share of the enormous prize pool, but their right to be called champion. Here’s a look at the world’s best MKX players and what surprises are in store for the Season 3 Finals broadcast.


Brad “PG | Scar” Vaughn – Scar will make his return to the ESL Finals after taking Season 3 by storm with his Demolition Sonya. Scar has hinted at some hidden “weapons” that he has ready for the big day, so we can expect some excitement from him this weekend.

Bojan “VDV | Boki” Jovanovic – Even through all of Kung Lao’s changes, Boki has stuck with his main and managed to cause some upsets this season. Taking out players such as fellow finalist St9rm proves that he can hang with the best.

Alexandre “Orbit Hayatei” Dubé-Bilodeau – This Ronin Takeda specialist managed to work his way into the Season 3 Finals with his extremely impressive showings during the last three weeks of the regular season. Between his performance in ESL and his outstanding placement at Combo Breaker, it is safe to say that he will not go down easy.

Luke “IrishMantis” Kearns – Possibly the strongest Johnny Cage player in Europe, IrishMantis is known as one of the only competitors to take down A F0xy Grampa in the Top 8. Such a feat is not easy and there is simply no telling who else he will be taking down at the Season 3 Finals.

Ryan “cR_Dragon” Walker – The true king of not just the Season 3 Pro League qualifiers, but also the Challenger Cup, will be in attendance this weekend. The other competitors have their work cut out for them, as Dragon has rarely fallen victim to any of this weekend’s competition outside of Noble Jupiter.

Justus “Jupe” Hyytiäinen – After placing Top 8 a few times this season, Jupe quickly became one of Europe’s deadly underdogs and is waiting for his chance at the throne.

Carl “Perfect Legend” White – Perfect Legend was in a tough spot for a majority of Season 3. However, with vigorous training and the determination to succeed, Perfect Legend took the community by storm with his incredible placing at Combo Breaker, ultimately earning him the last North American qualifying spot.

Martin “PND Madzin” Niedziela – Perhaps the biggest fan favorite of the ESL Mortal Kombat X Pro League, Madzin is making his third consecutive presence in the Season Finals. Through his explosive gameplay with Sub-Zero and Blood God Kotal Kahn, he quickly became known as one of Europe’s fiercest competitors.

Dominique “cR_SonicFox” McLean – Undoubtedly one of the best in the world, SonicFox makes his third consecutive return to the ESL MKX Pro League Finals and is looking to claim his third championship title.

Andrea “Crathen” Cavalieri – Aside from his few Top 8 placements in the ESL Pro League, Crathen is also one of the few to take down A F0xy Grampa. Although it was not in the Pro League, Crathen defeated A F0xy Grampa at Hypespotting in Scotland.

Juan “Noble_BeyondToxin” Contreras – Toxin was dangerously close to competing in the Season 2 Finals, just falling short the final week after being eliminated by CrawlingShadow. Now that he has been granted redemption in Season 3, it is safe to say that he is out for blood.

Nikita “Sakr0n” Korenkov – Sakr0n is no stranger to the ESL Mortal Kombat X Season Finals. After such an impressive showing last season, he is bound to push every competitor to their absolute limit.

Weiminh “Noble Raptor” Lam –  Although never placing first in the regular season, Raptor has been one of the most consistent Top 8 weekly competitors in the league. He took down reigning champion SonicFox at Combo Breaker and could be the one to do it again at the Season 3 Finals.

Christopher “VDV | St9rm” Mühlberger – St9rm edged out his spot in the Season 3 Finals by placing Top 8 in six out of the eight weeks. After last season’s performance where he took out popular names like Pig of the Hut, it is safe to say he will be taking people by surprise.

Jorge “BEN | HeeyGe0rge” Castro – Despite not competing in the ESL Pro League, HeeyGe0rge claimed his spot to compete in the Season 3 Finals after he was crowned champion of the Latin America offline qualifier in Chile. He managed to take first place using Jacqui Briggs at the Master’s Challenge Santiago.

Denom “PxP | A F0xy Grampa” Jones – The tyrant of the EU division for Mortal Kombat X will also be competing this weekend in the Season 3 Finals. After being crowned the champion of Combo Breaker using Piercing Mileena, there is no telling the damage he will be dealing at the Finals.


At 5PM PDT, just before the Fatal 8, viewers will get to watch the worldwide gameplay reveal of the newly revealed Injustice 2! NetherRealm creative director Ed Boon will also be there to speak about the making of the game and cheer on the #MKXProLeague finalists.

All members of the live studio audience will receive awesome freebies, including an exclusive Injustice 2 t-shirt, but online viewers have the chance to win big as well. During the broadcast, tweet your most intense game face to the ESL Mortal Kombat Twitter with the hashtag #TestYourLuck for a chance to win one of ten MKX Finals Prize Packs.


The broadcast begins at 9:30AM PDT on the NetherRealm Twitch channel, so be sure to watch as the top Mortal Kombat players in the world battle for the championship title. Don’t forget to follow along on the ESL Mortal Kombat Twitter and Facebook!


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