"If EnVyUs stand in our way, we will dismantle them": TaZ on ESL One Katowice 2015

Virtus.pro comes to ESL One Katowice as last year’s champion, returning to the place they started quite a run with good results in many tournaments. Now they go into the tournament as the home team once more, but again to face other others who are favored over them to take the trophy. We spoke to TaZ about the upcoming tournament as well as the biggest challenges he sees for his team.

ESL: Hello, Wiktor, and thank you for your time. You are coming to ESL One Katowice 2015 as the reigning champion. How does coming back to the site of your biggest success feel?
Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas: It feels like pressure, it feels like excitement and it feels good coming back to Katowice for another major. Playing in Poland is always a special feeling for us, and we will give our best to make our fans proud.

ESL: You started off a very successful season after winning in Katowice as something of dark horse. How do you feel the tournament this time around?
TaZ: I think it’s almost the same as last year for us - we showed some poor performances in the early stages of 2015, and we need to pick up our game during the ESL One event.

ESL: Happy said that he would like to play against you in the final to take his revenge. How does a grand final against EnVyUs sound to you?
TaZ: I don’t care who we face off against during ESL One - each game will be like the final for me. We will give 100% each game, and if EnVyUs stand in our way, we will dismantle them.

ESL: You can already be pretty sure of having the massive crowd on your side. Do you have anything planned for your fans at the Spodek arena?
TaZ: I hope to bring them a great show and make them proud that they came to support us. If we have anything else in the store? Well, you need to wait and see 🙂

ESL: Who are the big possible show stoppers for you and your team? Are there any opponents you fear facing before the final?
TaZ: There is no such team. This is the event we are determined to win - we will bring fear, not other way around.

ESL: Fans talk a lot about their favorites and your name keeps being dropped, but far less than Fnatic or EnVyUs. Do you prefer this role to being the big favorite?
TaZ: Over 14 years, my team never was a main favorite for a major. Let’s see who will stand and who will fall at the end of the last day.

ESL: Your group has 3DMAX as their first opponent, joined by Cloud 9 and TSM. Are you happy with your group, especially when looking at the other teams?
TaZ: I think that we have one of the strongest groups. All three teams have to be respected. I will not be happy until we prove our worth, and it only starts during the group stage.

ESL: All CS:GO majors have had some sort of side story to tell, with the CZ being overpowered, the addition of Overpass and Cbble and more. Do you have anything in mind that could become the story of ESL One Katowice 2015?
TaZ: I guess the Tec-9 will make many people cry, but I still think the CZ is at the same stage, just like the Five-SeveN. We need to remember that, thanks to all these ‘overpowered’ pistols, we have 15 interesting rounds on each side, not just nine or ten. Other than that, I just hope we won’t have any controversy like there was during DreamHack Winter.

ESL: For the third time Katowice will be welcoming esports fans from all over the world, but now as part of the IEM Expo and with more tournaments than ever. What do you think about this development?
TaZ: It’s a step in right direction - let’s hope we will have an even better show than last year.

ESL: Thank you for your time. The final words belong to you!
TaZ: Thank you, and I hope that all you guys will support us during this tournament, and we will make you proud.

From March the 12th to the 15th, TaZ and his team will try to defend their title at ESL One Katowice 2015 - ESL Counter-Strike will keep you up to date on Facebook and Twitter before, during and after the tournament!


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