"I won't let you down this time!": an interview with Choi "Polt" Seong Hun

Choi “Polt” Seong Hun is one of competitive StarCraft’s biggest names. Having taking the WCS championship title three times in a row already, this year’s WCS Winter Championship in Katowice brings with it the opportunity to lift the trophy for the fourth time as well as secure a seed at BlizzCon. Here we speak with Polt about what lies ahead, his thoughts on Legacy of the Void and how he’s preparing to take the title this time.

ESL: Sorry to hear about your computer issues! Leaving those out of the mix, were you happy with your finish in the regional challenger this month? What lessons will you be taking with you from your series against Neeb? Or your lower bracket set against Hydra?
Choi “Polt” Seong Hun: It was painful to have issues with my computer, but Neeb and Hydra were able to beat me because they played better than me. Therefore, I think I should practice a lot if I want to beat them when I face them again in Katowice.

ESL: Going into Katowice, who are you most excited to face? Why? What happens if you hit Neeb in the bracket? What about Hydra?
Polt: I kind of want to face Neeb in the finals, but Hydra is also fine. I'll be prepared when I face them again and I will win.

ESL: What would it mean to you to get the win at Katowice? Not only would you be the Intel Extreme Masters World Champion but also get that WCS Global Playoffs seed and a huge prize. How bad do you want it? Have you been practicing a lot for this event specifically?
Polt: Yes, this tournament means a lot to me. Not only a huge prize, but also I can get the four-time WCS champion title and a direct seed to BlizzCon if I win this tournament. I've been practicing hard and I will be able to show you how bad I want it.

ESL: What’s your training schedule like in the days right before an event like this?
Polt: I usually start a day with watching some VODs I missed, and play a lot of games in the middle of the day. I finish the day by watching and analyzing replays.

ESL: How do you think Terran is performing in Legacy of the Void? In Korea, Terran players are coming out strong so far in Code S. Do you think there are any differences in play or are you confident the same will happen at the first 2016 Circuit Championship?
Polt: In Code S, Terran players are doing okay, but it is too early to talk about that because they just started the round of 32. On the other hand, Terran players are getting crushed in SSL. I personally think Terran is weak right now, so I predict Terran players are not going to perform well at the first 2016 Circuit Championship.

ESL: Are you happy with the balance right now? Are you taking advantage of anything specific? I would love to get your take on how TvT has evolved and what you hope to see next. Can you give your opinion on the current (and/or future) state of tankivacs?
Polt: I'm not happy with the balance because Terran is a weak race at the moment. I don't really like tankivac plays in TvT, but I don't like to completely remove it either. I hope Blizzard compromises and gives us another option like medivac being able to load a siege-moded siege tank but it gets unsieged when it is unloaded.

ESL: What are your feelings on the map pool right now? Any you’re particularly enjoying in any certain matchup?
Polt: The current map pool favors Zerg too much. I like to play on Dusk Towers because that map looks quite balanced and gives me a lot of macro games at the same time.

ESL: We’ve seen you try just about everything, but lately you’ve been liking liberators a little bit. What do you like about that unit?
Polt: Liberators are very useful in TvP and TvZ. I like liberators, but I don't like the fact that Terran players have to rely on them too much.

ESL: On the other hand, there’s a unit you haven’t been too interested in building: cyclones. Anything to say about that?
Polt: I believe it's not only me who doesn't like to build cyclones. Almost all of the Terran players just make one or none of them in a game. I think cyclones are just not good especially compared to other new units like ravagers or adepts.

ESL: You are most well-known for being so adaptable in game. How do you stay agile? Are you thinking ahead about your opponent’s actions or are you responding so quickly we can’t tell the difference? Maybe it’s a bit of both?
Polt: When I practice, I try to think about what my opponents can do at the certain moment, and I also think about what reaction will be the best. Because of this, I can be prepared in a lot of situations.

ESL: Thank you so much for talking with us - we can’t wait to watch you hit the stage at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice! Do you have parting words for the fans?
Polt: I want to say thank you for cheering for me as always. It was frustrating not being able to stream because my computer was broken, but at least I was able to practice meanwhile. I won't let you down this time!

Come and cheer for Polt in Katowice!

Will Polt be able to take the title this time? Find out by either tuning in online or joining us live at the Spodek arena in Katowice from the 4th of March - entry is free!

For all the latest updates about the event, be sure to visit the official Intel Extreme Masters website and follow IEM on Facebook and Twitter.


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