Group A: Titan to crush hopes on the first day?

2014 is a very important year for CS:GO, and so is the kickoff of the huge scale tournament season marked by EMS One Katowice. For Titan, it's not just another year of competition. Leaving Team VeryGames behind must have been a big step as it was a long term home for most of the players on the team. Now they're back, and with a new organization to back them up, a gaming house and the ambition to deal even more damage than they did in 2013. Looking at their matches within the group, it's hard not to mark them as the clear favorite for the first spot. as well as HellRaisers could be a threat to them, however, especially with so many fans behind them.​

Team Latest accomplishments
 Titan 2nd at ESWC
3rd/4th at DHW
1st at DH Invitational
 HellRaisers (ex-ASD) 4th at SLTV Finals 8
​5th-8th at DHW
​3rd at ESWC Winner Polish Qualifier
​1st at SLTV Finals 8
​3rd/4th at EMS One Fall Finals
 mousesports Winner German Qualifier
1st at EPS Germany

HellRaisers, the former team of the Astana Dragons, did have quite a bad time over the last couple of months, and is still searching for a new organization to back them. Their results have not been as impressive as they have been in the past, but playing in front of an audience like that ar Katowice will definitely make them give everything they've got. Plus, with the crowd supporting all Eastern European teams last year, this could be a very important deciding factor in the performance of markeloff and his team.

Times have been better for as well. After taking third place within their group at DreamHack Winter, the team has only played a few matches but won their slot at EMS One Katowice with a good performance not only during the Polish Qualifier but also in the EU finals. Now they have their first tournament under the flag of ahead, and right in front of their home crowd. This, as well as the pretty clear win over HellRaisers just some days ago, could give them a good chance of advancing in this group.

The only German team that made it to Katowice is one of the biggest names in CS history. mousesports are heading to Katowice as the best German team right now, reigning EPS Germany champion and leader of the current season. The team has been rebuilt after losing the BYOC Final of DreamHack Winter to Xapso, which meant missing the main event for them. Now, the team is a lot younger and definitely showed some of its potential already when rolling over LGB recently and with their comeback during the finals of qualification. ​The big question is whether EMS One Katowice is more than just scenting the air for their first offline event as a team, but chrisJ and his mates could also end up surprising some at Katowice.


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