Get ready for the Gigantic closed and open beta periods

As Perfect World’s dynamic MOBA, Gigantic, inches closer and closer to its upcoming release in 2017, another closed beta wave approaches, followed by the game’s first open beta. Starting tomorrow, from December 1st to 5th, the game will launch its fourth and final closed beta and we’ll be raffling away beta codes on our ESL social media channels, where you can secure yourself exclusive access.

What is Gigantic?

For those who are hearing about Gigantic for the first time, the intense, third-person action MOBA is looking to challenge other titles in the genre with a unique set of gameplay additions and imaginative, whimsical art style. While the basic outline is a 5v5 similar to other MOBAs, there are many twists to the objective, strategy and combat to present a fresh, new challenge.

As opposed to destroying the opponent's base, the objective of each ~20 minute game is to defeat the opponent’s gigantic Guardian, an all powerful NPC that not only joins the battle, but very much turns each round into an exciting 6v6. And with a huge range of Hero play styles, ongoing support through updates and frantic gameplay, Gigantic is set to offer easy accessibility, while ensuring a deep strategy system. For detailed information about the game, be sure to visit the official Gigantic website.


For anyone looking to give the game a try, you’re in luck! The closed and open beta is coming to Windows systems, as well as the Xbox and will unveil new heroes and maps. Windows 10 users will even be able to enter to closed beta without any form of beta key, by simply downloading the game from the Windows 10 Store for free.

Closed Beta: December 1st - 5th (Win10 free / Xbox, Win7 & Win8 with beta code)
Open Beta: starting December 8th (Win 10 & Xbox / Win7 & Win8 at a later date)

If you’re in need of a closed beta key, then fear not and take part in our ESL Twitter giveaway, where we are handing out closed beta codes over the next days.

Best of luck!


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