"Forget the way we played in Cologne": an interview with Jimbo from Epsilon eSports

In just a few days, the best Halo from each region will meet in Hollywood, California for the Halo World Championship. We recently sat down with Epsilon eSports' James “Jimbo” Bradbrook to ask him a few questions. Epsilon qualified for the Halo World Championship by placing top four at the HaloWC Tour: Cologne, and they enter the tournament as a strong UK contender for first place. Here is what he had to say:

ESL: So, the last time we saw Epsilon Esports, you guys took an earlier exit than expected from HaloWC: Cologne. Can you tell us a bit about what happened that weekend?
Jimbo: So at Cologne we didn't play the same way we had previous events. Could have been down to illness and the amount of travelling from X Games.  But Infused came into the event a lot more prepared and determined than us which is why they beat us.

ESL: You mentioned that you guys didn't play the same way you had a previous events. Can you expand upon that a bit further? Was it communication? Pace of play?
Jimbo: Think it was down to our communication, myself and Buk20 being ill we couldn't talk as much as we wanted to. We are a team that benefit so much from small talk and working together in tight situations

ESL: You guys still played very well considering half of the team being under the weather. Can you tell us a bit about how scrims have gone heading into the World Championship?
Jimbo: After Cologne there has been less teams to scrim as they have no drive to play. But from when have had scrims I can see lots of improvements, especially on our slayer game which was weak at XGames and EMEAs. Still things we do need to work on but should be all ready and prepared by the time worlds comes around

ESL: You've had a chance to take a look at the groups. How do you feel about your team's draw and your chances of making it out to bracket play?
Jimbo: Any group that could of happened, we knew would be hard. Everything falls down on who wins out of us and the lower seeded NA team, in our case C9. I am feeling confident that we can make it into bracket play, but will be a tough series. Obviously have to beat the Asian team Skyfire first which we can't underestimate

ESL: Have you been able to look into [Skyfire] much? Do you feel like you match up well against them?
Jimbo: I don't really know too much about Skyfire, one of them came into my stream lately and introduced himself to me. Was surprised to hear that they are all fluent in English and I look forward to playing them.

ESL: Is it safe to say that the Epsilon we saw at Cologne was not the talented squad we've grown accustomed to seeing?
Jimbo: Forget the way we played in Cologne, we will be back and even more dominant for worlds and will showcase that EU has got game.

ESL: Other than scrimming, can you tell us a bit about what your team has done to ensure that your previous appearance was an isolated event?
Jimbo: We have been watching as much American player streams as possible picking up on various different playstyles and tactics in game. As well as that we have watched back the games that we lost at X-Games and Cologne to make sure we don't make the same mistakes again.

ESL: Any glaring mistakes stand out?
Jimbo: Not really, used to be our Slayers but not any more.

ESL: Many consider your team to be one of the few that has a chance to stand toe to toe with some of the best in North America. What sets you apart from the pack?
Jimbo: I would say there are two main factors, our experienced and attitude. We have two of the most experienced EU Halo players on our team with the Buks who know what its like to play vs the best from North America. Also our attitude, a loss never really makes us rage in any way, obviously we get frustrated but we just shake it off and look to improve from it.

ESL: Alright, a few lightning round questions. You ready?
Jimbo: Go for it

ESL: Top 3 predictions?
Jimbo: Evil Geniuses, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Allegiance

ESL: What's your bold prediction for the event?
Jimbo: We get top 4

ESL: Lastly, who has to get carried most often from you squad?
Jimbo: Ooooooh. Buk 57

ESL: Thanks so much for your time, Jimbo. Anything you'd like to say? Shout outs? Parting words?
Jimbo: Massive shout out to Epsilon eSports and every partner/sponsor we have. Also the European Halo community, times have been hard. We will grow and improve as a region!

ESL: Thanks again, best of luck!

You can learn more about Epsilon eSports on their team profile, and follow them as they fight for the title and a cut of $2.5 million. You can catch all the #HaloWC action at the Halo World Championship starting this Friday, March 18, and follow along on Twitter and Facebook


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