Five reasons why you should visit the Red Bull Gaming Ground

Starting on Monday, the Red Bull Gaming Ground will be bringing even more eSports to Cologne, host city of gamescom. Here are five reasons why you should consider grabbing a ticket and dropping by the ESL TV Studios during the week to get an extra dose of eSports action!

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1) See different eSports disciplines every day

While you might visit gamescom to follow a single game, the Red Bull Gaming Ground will be hosting different games every day, with a number of different players bringing you the action in the form of show matches and more. Dota 2, StarCraft II, League of Legends, Hearthstone and FIFA 14 will all be played from Monday to Friday, while a mixed bag of other games and activities including tournaments in Mario Kart, Beat the Pro challenges and a public viewing for the LCS EU playoffs will all be going on over the weekend.

2) Meet some great players in a casual setting

With its bootcamp, rookie workshops and FunCraft on the weekend, a lot of pro players will be at the ESL Studios, with MeetYourMakers’ new Dota 2 team, Gabriel “HeroMarine” Segat and German LoL champion n!faculty to name but a few. With the ESL Studios being smaller and less packed than gamescom, you will get the chance to get up close and personal with the players on a very different level.

3) Get to see the WCS EU and former LCS location live 

Get your chance to sneak around the place where eSports history was and is in the making, with WCS EU and LCS just two of the big eSports events hosted in our studios in Cologne - why not watch the LCS EU playoffs in the very studio where they first began? The ESL Major Series One in CS:GO and Battlefield, multiple Intel Extreme Masters stops and much more all took place right here, and you can come and see these hallowed halls in a completely different light without the bustle of a big tournament taking place all around you.

4) Seize your chance to clash with the pros live on stream

Usually you only get to face the pros if you’re very good at your chosen game. However, at this event you will have the chance to not only play against the pros but also become part of the show. Play MYM’s new Dota 2 division, take on former German StarCraft II champion HeroMarine in a 3vs1 challenge or take part in one of many more challenges coming your way all through the week. Do you have the skills to take on some of the world’s best pro players? Come and show us!

5) Relax with BBQ, drinks and a lot of fun

Games are all around you all week long, which is cool and all, but you need to make sure you take a moment to recharge your batteries. At the Red Bull Gaming Ground, you can not only watch or play games but also have a drink, enjoy BBQ in the evenings and have a good time chilling with other eSports fans, pro players and some of the people behind ESL.

Does any of this sound like a plan? If so, make sure you have your ticket for the Red Bull Gaming Ground booked to spend your gamescom week evenings in style!


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