Fab Esports dominate the European Halo Championship Series: Pro League Summer Season Finals

For the entire duration of the European HCS Pro League Summer Season, Fab Esports proved to be the most dominant squad. After the first five weeks of online play were over, the team had a 10-0 record in terms of map wins, not dropping a single series to anyone. In fact, they came out with 30 map wins and only four map losses across the entire online portion of the Summer Season, far ahead of the other three teams who made it to the Finals.


In Relegation, two teams from the Open Circuit had a chance to defeat the bottom two teams in the HCS Pro League for spots in the upcoming Fall Season. The bottom two HCS Pro League teams, Dinosaurs and PuLse Gaming, were tasked with defeating We Know The Secret and NTSC.

In the first series of the day, We Know The Secret managed to take Dinosaurs to a Game 6 and ultimately win 4-2, sending Dinosaurs to the losers bracket. The second series between PuLse Gaming and NTSC went all the way to a Game 7, proving that NTSC had the potential to take on some of Europe’s top teams. However, PuLse came out on top, defeating NTSC 50-40 on Truth Slayer.

We Know The Secret took on PuLse Gaming in the next matchup, which ended with a quick 4-0 in favor of PuLse Gaming. Out of the four matches, We Know The Secret only came close to winning during Game 2 of Plaza Slayer where they managed to get 34 kills compared to PuLse’s 50. This victory ultimately solidified PuLse’s place in the Fall Season of the European Halo Championship Series: Pro League.

After quickly taking out NTSC with a swift 4-0, Dinosaurs took on We Know The Secret for the Fall HCS Pro League placement. Dinosaurs ultimately won the series and, along with PuLse, maintained their HSC Pro League spot.


Europe’s top four teams converged in ESL UK’s Studio One in Leicester to battle it out for the Summer Season trophy and of course, to be crowned the champions of Halo’s European scene.

As the stream went live on July 24, the studio began to light up with excitement from players, casters, analysts, spectators, cosplaying Spartans, and more. This was the culmination of the first HCS Pro League season.

FabE vs. Vibe

Our first matchup of the Finals was FabE vs. Vibe. Vibe, who finished fourth in the HCS Pro League with 4 wins and 6 losses, were in for a challenge going up against the European frontrunners.

While the series ended 4-0 in favor of FabE, Vibe were making some very good plays, including SeptiQ’s triple-kill during Game 1 of Truth CTF, completely destroying Mose.

And of course, we couldn’t forget to mention SeptiQ’s other triple-kill with the sniper rifle that took place during Game 2 of Plaza Slayer, followed up by a fourth sniper kill moments later.

As mentioned earlier, FabE won the series 4-0. This sent Vibe to the losers bracket of the tournament, awaiting the loser of Infused vs. XMen.

Team Infused vs. XMen

The clashing of these two teams was highly anticipated. Ever since FabE took down XMen with relative ease and Dinosaurs reverse swept XMen, they’ve been a very vulnerable roster.

Team Infused gave it their best, noticeable during Game 5 of The Rig Slayer, just failing to capture the win and losing 50-46. Of course, we couldn’t do this without mentioning Warlord’s goose during Game 6.

Even Mark “Onset” Hatcher drew a small picture on the analyst’s desk (and signed it) following the matchup, which sent Richard “TheSimms” Simms into tears and just confused Alan “Bricey” Brice.

In the end, XMen came out on top winning the series 4-2 and sending Team Infused to the losers bracket to face off against Vibe.

Team Infused vs. Vibe

Both Team Infused and Vibe lost their first series during the Finals and were sent to the losers bracket in an attempt to fight their way back to the Grand Finals.

Infused have always struggled with objective mode and this series proved to be no different. Up until the last two games they played as expected, with Vibe winning objective modes and Infused winning Slayer.

The roles completely reversed for Game 6 and 7. In a shocking turn of events, Infused actually won Game 6, by a large difference of 100-50, forcing a Game 7 and keeping their tournament life alive a little longer.

Game 7 of Truth Slayer was without a doubt one of the most intense games of the entire tournament. Early on, Vibe had a tremendous 11-kill lead, but slowly over time they slipped. Still, Vibe stole the victory 50-47, winning the series 4-3 and sending Team Infused home with a fourth place finish.

While they lost, Team Infused should be proud that they were able to take Vibe all the way to a Game 7, only losing by a small margin.

FabE vs. XMen

The first Game was Capture the Flag on Truth and it proved to be an easy game for FabE as they pulled out the victory and moved on to Game 2 of Slayer on Truth.

While the match remained close, Mose’s domination with the Fuel Rod Cannon and FabE’s slaying power allowed them to come out on top with a score of 2-0.

Game 3 was Empire Strongholds and FabE hadn’t even broken a sweat, winning the match 100-21 against the XMen squad.

It all came down to Game 4, which was a little bit of déjà vu as XMen were about to be swept by FabE like they were in Week 1 of the Pro League. The match saw some excellent use of camo, railgun, and of course, general flag running from FabE’s Mose.

As XMen tried to fight back and prevent the third flag capture from FabE, their callouts and teamwork allowed them to win the game there and then, defeating XMen 4-0 and sending them down to the losers bracket to face Vibe.

XMen vs. Vibe

This was it for both XMen and Vibe in the losers bracket finals. The winner of this match would advance to the grand finals and take on FabE for the first place prize.

Game 1 came to a close after Snakey refused to die with Vibe managing to win 3-0 on Coliseum CTF.

Game 2 of Eden Slayer tested both teams’ patience, ending on time rather than points. Game 3 and 4 played in XMen’s favour, as they picked up the victories and moved onto Game 5.

As Game 5 began, it was clear that XMen would advance to the Grand Finals for a rematch against FabE.


Game 1 of Fathom CTF was tied up at 2-2, but XMen managed to solidify a third capture, giving them the win and adding another map loss to FabE’s near-perfect record.

FabE was having none of it as Game 2 kicked off. They defeated XMen 50-38 and showed that they were still the dominant team in Europe, despite TuFoxy being unable to kill Jimbo after shooting three shotgun shots in Game 3.

However, TuFoxy didn’t let this get into his head and he blasted through XMen, picking up the map win over them 100-28.

Moving into Game 4 of Truth CTF, it was once again tied up 2-2 and XMen had pulled a third flag.

XMen rebounded and managed to pull another flag and this time, they captured it for the game win and tied it up 2 – 2 against FabE.

Slayer on Plaza was the name of Game 5 and FabE was done messing around, ready to prove their dominance to everyone. FabE defeated XMen 50 – 34 pushing the series score to 3 – 2 in their favor. Game 6 was Strongholds on The Rig went to FabE with ease.

The team moved to center stage and lifted the cup, celebrating their victory of the entire European HCS Pro League Summer Season. A huge congratulations to TuFoxy, Respectful, Mose and Kimbo, who are your new European HCS Pro League Summer Season Champions!


EU HCS Pro League Summer Season Finals:

  • Fab Esports – $35,000
  • XMen – $20,000
  • Vibe – $8,000
  • Team Infused – $4,000

EU HCS Pro League regular season:

  • Fab Esports – $8,000
  • Team Infused – $7,000
  • XMen – $6,000
  • Vibe – $5,000
  • Dinosaurs – $4,000
  • Pulse – $3,000


Stay tuned as the HCS Pro League continues. More details about the upcoming Fall Season will be announced very soon!

As always, be sure to follow ESL Halo on Twitter and Facebook and relive the HCS Pro League action by watching the Summer Season videos on our YouTube channel.


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