Everyone Bleeds: Week 4 of the North American Mortal Kombat X Pro League

In Week 4 of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League the chaos started early as ESL League veterans SonicFox, Scar, WoundCowboy, and Biohazard were eliminated before qualifying for the Top 8 broadcast. These early upsets resulted in a clash against both old and new competitors for their chance at not only cash prizes, but also the ever-so-valuable ranking points needed to qualify for the Season 3 Finals in Burbank, California!


Slayer was off to an amazing start before the Top 8 even began. He was dubbed the “KingSlayer” for being the only competitor this season to eliminate SonicFox before qualifying for Top 8 in the Pro League. Slayer’s first opponent in the Top 8 was none other than fellow training partner Saltface. While Saltface put up a decent fight, Slayer managed to take a clean sweep to advance to the Semi-Finals.

With Whiteboi and DJT making their Top 8 debut this week, it was clear that both competitors would refuse to go down without a fight. Although Whiteboi put on an impressive showing with his Relentless Jason, it seemed to be no match for DJT’s A-List Johnny Cage. After a brief struggle in the first round of the set, DJT ended up winning 3-0.

It seemed as if Slayer was destined to put his Alien match-up knowledge to the test. After accomplishing a victory early on against SonicFox, his opponent in the Semi-Finals was none other than Dragon. While this was Dragon’s first appearance in the Top 8 of the Pro League, he has been dominant in the Challenger Cups, winning multiple cups on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Although Slayer managed to grab a few rounds, he was eventually swept 3-0,  resulting in Dragon becoming the first Grand Finalist of Week 4.

ESL veteran BeyondToxin had his work cut out for him in the Semi-Finals as he had to face DJT, who has proven to be an entirely new threat in the ESL Pro League. DJT started off the set beautifully by taking a deciding first game against BeyondToxin. However, a switch in variations from Mystic to Spectral Ermac proved successful, as BeyondToxin took the next two games. DJT made some incredible adjustments and quickly tied up the set 2-2. With one last effort with Mystic Ermac, BeyondToxin took the set 3-2 by the skin of his teeth, earning a spot against Dragon in the Grand Finals for this week.

Dragon seemed to be unstoppable, only losing one game to Emperor Gametime in the first round of the Top 8. BeyondToxin sent a strong statement by taking the first game of the Grand Finals using Master of Souls Ermac. Although he was down one game, Dragon made the perfect adjustments and took a rather swift 2-1 lead. In the last round of Game 4, BeyondToxin managed to clutch out the win to tie the series 2-2 and pulled off a brutality to show that he meant business.

With both competitors being on tournament point, they each brought their absolute best gameplay into Game 5. Any and every mistake by either player meant elimination. With an astounding amount of patience, accompanied by an amazing read, Dragon clutched out the win and returned the favor with a brutality of his own. Dragon’s win earned him not just the weekly cash prize of US$500, but also enough ranking points to move ahead of other ESL veterans like Saltface and RedRaptor.

Here are the standings after this week’s matches:

If Week 4 of the Mortal Kombat X Pro League has proven anything, it is that absolutely nothing is set in stone. No matter how successful or dominating a player can be, everyone bleeds the same. The epic journey to the Season 3 Finals continues next Wednesday, May 4 at 5PM PDT!

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