Establishing the top teams in Week seven of the Guild Wars 2 Pro League!

This is it. The final week of the Guild Wars 2 Pro League. Each match was crucial in deciding who will head to the studio finals over in the UK on February 20th - and who was facing relegation. While North America was all but settled to begin with, it was all up in the air in Europe, with a massive deciding match between Vermillion and Rank Fifty Five Dragons for that first place spot. Check out the recap to see how it all went down.


Orange Logo vs. The Civilized Gentlemen

The first game of the day was a grudge match between two old greats. Orange Logo had a lot on the line, with a win necessary to push themselves out of relegation. But as the first game of the day, nothing was certain.

Orange Logo pushed into the lead early, with a double cap coming out just over two minutes in. They quickly turned that into a triple cap, exerting an impressive amount of pressure on TCG to keep them off the map. The Civilized Gentlemen took the advantage in team fights, but could only take one cap in their favour. Despite the significant damage TCG were putting out, Orange Logo regained map control to take the game, 501 - 88.

Immediately, Orange Logo took the one cap advantage - and in a repeat of last round, the two cap followed quickly. TCG managed to decap both, halting oRNG’s lead at 100 points. Orange Logo took back their caps, but TCG take it laying down, securing their first double cap. But then that magical triple cap came out for Orange Logo, pushing them up to 500.

More Guns Than Roses vs. Chaotic Contingency

With both teams on such few wins, this matchup wasn’t important for the finals, but crucial in deciding those bottom places in the standing. More Guns Than Roses took out Orange Logo earlier in the league, but haven’t been able to make much headway since. Chaotic Contingency, on the other hand, have only pushed out of the bottom spot by the skin of their teeth.

More Guns Than Roses dominated the early game, keeping three players in the downed state to take a triple cap. ChC were trapped, with players dropping all over the map. Their first cap came almost five minutes into the game, but GnR held onto their remaining double and pushed to the win.

Chaotic Contingency put themselves on the board early in game two, but GnR secured two kills to take the lead. With a triple cap, GnR pushed ahead by 150 points. ChC managed to decap, however GnR used their man advantage to take the map back. In a surprise twist, Chaotic Contingency took Tranquility, but More Guns Than Roses quickly destroyed ChC’s hopes. With a solid double cap, More Guns Than Roses took the game.

Rank Fifty Five Dragons vs. Vermillion

The biggest match of the day - with the two top teams vying for first place. Both undefeated, both hungry for that top spot. With Vermillion sitting pretty and pristine - not even dropping a single map all season - Rank Fifty Five couldn’t afford the slightest slip up.

A massive opener - with both teams desperate to get that crucial early cap. Vermillion came out on top, securing a huge double. Rank55 managed to close the gap to just 60 points, but Vermillion were unrelenting. With such a close mid game, the slightest mistake would mean the game - and that mistake was letting Vermillion take that double cap back to take the game by just 100 points.

Rank Fifty Five Dragons pushed early, with a cap and kills coming off in the first minutes.But Vermillion turned the tides with some fantastic flips, pushing themselves into the lead with a double. With just five minutes remaining, Rank55 took a surprise double cap, and snowballed themselves back into the lead. Vermillion couldn’t get a foothold, and Rank Fifty Five Dragons took the game.

With a cap coming off straight out of the gate, Rank55 looked strong coming into game three. Vermillion stalled their point flow, just 71 points behind, and pushed into a double cap. However, Rank55 were coming out on top in team fights, and held onto their lead by a handful of points. With a double cap pushing them straight to the top, Rank55 doubled their opponent's score, and took the series soundly.

Car Crashed vs. Purple Noise

Car Crashed needed to take this set, to secure the number four spot in the standings. But Purple Noise had nothing to lose, coming in with zero wins for season one of the Pro League.

With a double cap within the first seconds, Car Crashed came out swinging. Purple Noise weren’t going down without a fight, however, securing a cap of their own to put themselves on the board. But Car Crashed continued to assert dominance, keeping the pressure on kills to clear the map for a triple. Even with decaps coming off, Car Crashed took the first game easily.

Purple Noise only let one cap through their defense before they managed to get a cap of their own, and were able to deny Car Crashed a double. But Car Crashed pushed through, taking that double to extend their lead significantly. And with Tranquility going to Car Crashed, the game was all but set. Car Crashed took the series and secured the fourth spot in the standings.

North America

Team PZ vs. Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy

In this crucial matchup, Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy basically controlled who would be heading to the finals. Team PZ needed the win in this series to take that second spot, but after a rather disappointing last few weeks, it could have been curtains for their chances.

Team PZ secured the first cap over two minutes into the game, after taking the first kill of the round. EzPz managed to deny any more caps for a few minutes, but Team PZ worked hard to secure a triple cap. Finally, EzPz managed to get a cap, but they were already over 250 points behind. By holding onto at least one cap at all times, Team PZ cruised to 500 to take game one.

It was neck and neck for game two, with both teams securing a cap each. But Team PZ took control of the team fights, absolutely wiping out EzPz across the map. With their man advantage, Team PZ took a triple cap with ease - and maintained it for most of the match. Taking the win, Team PZ secured their spot in the finals!

Zero Counterplay vs. Spoookie

With Team PZ taking the win, Spoookie had lost their chance at getting into the finals - but their pride was on the line against the bottom team in NA. With nothing real to lose, both teams went for unconventional team cops, for a fantastically fun series.

Both teams abandoned mansion, all in for team fights on the top two nodes - and immediately, bodies were everywhere. Spoookie snuck down for a double cap, but ZC proved a formidable opponent, taking out most of Spoookie all at once to take a triple cap. With such a fantastic trade of kills and caps, the mid game was incredibly close. But ultimately Spoookie rode the rollercoaster to victory.

With a cap apiece, the action was all in at mid, where Spoookie came out on top for the double cap. Neck and neck with kills across the board, it was an intense mid game. Just as game one, bodies were all over the place. Still, Spoookie showed their dominance with a triple cap, taking the win in this exciting series.

Final Form vs. Apex Prime

This was the most influential match of the day, with the loser heading to relegation. Apex Prime was forced to forfeit last week, making this series absolutely crucial for their future. Final Form were on rocky ground, coming in on the back of a significant loss against Never Lucky.

With the first cap so important, both teams fought hard to gain the upper hand - and that advantage went to Final Form in the early minutes. Apex Prime weren’t far behind, taking a cap to put both teams neck and neck. But Final Form’s triple cap secured them the win.

Neck and neck from the opening splits of game two, the first cap didn’t come out until just over two minutes into the game. But Final Form quickly turned that into a double cap, and Apex could not do anything to deny it. With a triple cap coming out too, while sitting at double Apex’s points, Final Form were absolutely dominating. Riding that point income, Final Form took the series to secure their spot in Season Two.

Never Lucky vs. The Abjured

The Abjured had nothing to lose, having already secured their spot in the finals. This was a truly ambitious match for Never Lucky, trying desperately to be the team to shatter The Abjured’s streak.

Never Lucky were exerting significant pressure, but The Abjured maintained composure to take that first cap. However, Never Lucky flipped that single cap into their favour, and kept themselves neck and neck with the champs. The Abjured were seconds out from a triple, as Never Lucky managed to decap. But it was only delaying the inevitable, as The Abjured held onto map control, and rode those points to the win.

Taking a double cap early, The Abjured took an early lead. Never Lucky were losing out in team fights, but worked hard on decaps to slow The Abjured’s snowball. The double switched into Never Lucky’s favour, and they managed to close the gap to just 85 points. Nevertheless, The Abjured regained that semi-consistent double cap to push their way to victory, yet again.

That’s it for Season One!

We are back on Saturday, February 20th, for the Guild Wars 2 Pro League Season Finals, live from the UK!  Visit the Pro League’s official website for all the latest information and follow ESL Guild Wars 2 on Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.


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