ESL's very own CS:GO skin collection now available in the workshop

ESL is proud to present its very first CS:GO skins, which are now available in the workshop. The ESL Collection, designed by ESL graphics artist Viktor Schenk, will offer users some cool skins that embody the look and feel of ESL, the organization that brought you the game’s two latest majors at Katowice and Cologne.

The ESL Collection in the STEAM workshop:

However, these skins, available for the M4A4, M4A1-S, AK47 and AWP, need your help to make it into the game. Just like any other skins, the ESL Collection has been released to the workshop to give users the opportunity to decide if they like them or not. If enough people do, it will help to introduce them to the game and the revenue will be put towards a soon-to-be-announced new ESL CS:GO project in order to cover such costs as prize money, travel support for teams as well as the overall production.

Alexander "crtmN" Nehr, ESL’s product manager and CS:GO head referee, said of the skins:

“Quite some work has gone into this release. The ESL Collection is only a first step regarding ESL content on the workshop and definitely not the last. These four skins are meant to give something back to the CS community that has massively supported us at the two ESL majors. If the ESL Collection - or just one of its skins - makes it to the game, the full revenue will go towards ESL’s upcoming CS:GO projects, so a vote for the ESL Collection is a vote for more ESL CS:GO. On that note, stay tuned for an upcoming release next week that I’m sure all CS:GO fans will love!”

We hope you like our first set of skins and thank everyone voting for them on the Steam workshop. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave it in the comments below!


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