ESL Pro Tour 2022-23 Season Update

After the long-awaited return of the offline DreamHack events in Valencia, we would like to provide the StarCraft II community with the recent updates from our new EPT team. DreamHack SC2 Masters: Atlanta Regionals are starting on September 28th, tickets for the DreamHack Atlanta offline event are on sale and IEM Katowice tickets will be available in wave #2 soon!

DreamHack SC2 Masters: Atlanta Regionals

As we announced previously, the 2022/2023 season features two EPT Masters competitions ahead of the EPT Championship in 2023, in a two stages fashion: The DreamHack Masters Regionals are played online, leading to the offline finals hosted at DreamHack Festivals.

With DreamHack Valencia concluding in July we’re looking forward to an even more successful event in Atlanta! The broadcasts of Atlanta Regionals are starting on September 28th and the live coverage for this competition will be provided on our Twitch channels as always.

Here is our current schedule for the Regionals broadcasts:

Sep 28th - Oct 2nd11 AM CEST (5 AM EDT)EU, OC, TW, LAESL A stream,
ESL B stream
Oct 4th - Oct 9th2 PM CEST (8 AM EDT)*
*5 PM CEST on Oct 4th
EU, CN, NAESL A stream,
ESL B stream,
ESL C stream,
ESL D stream
Oct 11th - Oct 16th5 PM CEST (11 AM EDT)*
*6:30 PM CEST on Oct 16th
EU, NAESL A stream

Make sure to follow our Twitch channels - as well as our Twitter page for the latest updates and live coverage for the most interesting matches.

DreamHack SC2 Masters: Atlanta Finals

The offline finals of our second EPT Masters competition are going to be held in Georgia World Congress Atlanta on November 18th - 20th during DreamHack Atlanta. This is the first DreamHack StarCraft II event in the United States since Austin 2018 and we are really happy to be back!

The tickets are already on sale via our shortlink - make sure to get yours to see the best players from all over the world competing for $100,000 prize pool as well as for 10840 EPT points to improve their EPT Standings. 

The broadcast talent lineup for Atlanta Finals will be finalized and announced soon - we hope that our community will enjoy the casts from these amazing professionals we are going to work with! However, we do want to mention that we will produce the online broadcast remotely from ESL studios in Stockholm, so attendees won’t be able to meet broadcast talent onsite. We will however be sure to arrange player meet-and-greets, so we do hope to see you there!

EPT Championship - IEM Katowice 2023

We have recently announced the dates and other details of the upcoming IEM Katowice 2023 - EPT Championship event with a $500,000 prize pool and 36 best players from the 2022/2023 season. Here is the updated schedule of the event:

  • Feb 8th: Round of 36
  • Feb 9th - 10th: Round of 24
  • Feb 11th - 12th: Playoffs

The event will be held in the International Congress Center in Katowice: the first rounds are going to be played in the Auditorium (same as last year), but for Feb 10th - 12th we are considering having a big stage inside the Expo area to allow for a more open audience on Friday and Saturday, and a full day on Sunday which has previously not been possible. We'll make sure to provide the community with updated information on that as soon as the final choice is made!

Please note, that while we love to have the final matches played in Spodek Arena, this has made it difficult for visitors to tune in and condensed the tournament schedule as the start time of the IEM SC2 Katowice Grandfinal was always far from great for NA and even partially for EU - being not in Spodek means we now have much more freedom in terms of scheduling the event in general and the final day in particular.

The first wave of tickets was launched on September 22nd, but it is already sold out. Please follow our official IEM website to get more details on the next waves - our current plan is for the next ticket wave to be out on October 27th, 15:00 CEST.

TLMC 17 and Map pool updates

With the recent announcement of Team Liquid Map Contest #17 we are excited to see the next iteration of the StarCraft II mapmaking evolution - as a reminder, all sixteen finalists of the contest will be considered for inclusion in the upcoming ladder seasons, as well as for the IEM Katowice map pool.

Please enjoy the upcoming EPT events and make sure to follow us on Twitter for regular updates!


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