ESL One Katowice 2019: What’s new this year?

There’s not much time left until ESL One Katowice 2019, and as usual we’ve made heaps of improvements on last year’s event to bring you the best Pro Dota 2 event we can. Here are the exciting changes and cool new features at the Spodek Arena!

More teams, more games, more action.

We’ve changed ESL One Katowice from last year to bring you even more fantastic Dota 2 action. You’ll see 12 teams altogether, with 8 battling it out at the mainstage over the course of 10 series. That’s a lot of Dota! This is a result of the new playoffs format for Katowice; double elimination instead of single. As such you’ll see more games from your favourite teams, making their rise (or fall) throughout the event even more exciting.

More buffs to Premium

Good news for all Premium ticket holders; you can now bring your food and beverages into the Premium Area, allowing you to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst whilst watching the games. The premium goodie bag will also receive a unique ESL One Katowice Dota 2 themed shirt, so you can show off your style and support for the event. The shirt will be available to purchase for all other ticket holders.

Increased Security

We’re expecting quite a crowd at the Spodek Arena this year, and with more people comes the potential for uncomfortable situations. We’ll be increasing security at the event to make sure you can watch all the amazing games without any inconvenience.

Onsite Experiences

Although Dota will be the main focus, we’ll have plenty of new fun and exciting experiences for you try at the Arena. The Airbrush team can give you the (temporary) tattoo you never knew you needed, and there’ll be plenty of chances for you to win some great prizes with the Xsided minigames. Think you have what it takes to beat a pro at Dota 2? You’ll be able to challenge NA legend and Ninjas in Pyjamas Captain ppd to a 1v1 Mid, so bring your A-game! You’ll be able to find all these and more dotted around the Spodek Arena throughout the event.

Hall of Fame

It’s with great pleasure that we announce a new inductee to the Esports Hall of Fame. This person will join the ranks of gaming legends and have their name etched into esports history. We’ll be announcing the inductee during the event, so make sure you don’t miss it!

So there you have it! ESL One Katowice 2019 will be bigger and better than last year’s, and the Dota 2 is sure to be even more phenomenal. If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve grabbed a ticket and followed us on both Twitter and Facebook for all Katowice news and updates.


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