ESL One first ticket wave sold out in minutes

The first wave of tickets for our ESL Dota One event went online yesterday and premium and early bird seats sold out in the course of just minutes. We are very excited at the passion the community is showing for the event and are looking forward to a full house.
For those of you who have not yet managed to get seats for the event we have put together the most important information.

Are tickets really sold out?

We are selling tickets in waves, so while the first wave is sold out, there will be more waves in the future. This is to ensure that even people who didn’t have time on certain days have the chance to purchase a ticket. We will keep fans informed about the status of waves of tickets and if we approach selling out the venue.

How much are tickets and what tickets are there?

There are three types of tickets: Weekend/Day/Premium. All tickets guarantee a place to sit, there is no fixed seating. Premium and early bird tickets holders also have access to separate seating areas, in addition to regular seating.

  • Weekend Ticket - €29.90
    Access to the event for both Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of June.
  • Single Day Ticket - €18.90
    Access to the event for either June 28 or June 29.
  • Premium Ticket - €149.90
    • Full access to ESL One for June 28 and June 29.
    • Sit anywhere in the arena or enjoy more comfortable seating in access restricted area near Team VIP boxes.
    • Free food and drinks catered throughout the event
    • ESL One Goodie Bag
    • Dota2 Ingame Item Bundle
    • More features to be announced soon

Where do I buy and how do I pay for tickets?

Tickets are sold through Eventbrite and can be paid using a Paypal account. For Eventbrite you will have to create an account. This can be done very easily on their website.

What about food and drinks?

Premium ticket holders will receive access to catered food and drinks for free. All other ticket holders will be able to buy food and drinks (including beer if you are over the age of 16) inside the stadium at reasonable prices.

What is the minimum age?

To attend the event, you will have to be at least 16 years old. If you are under the age of 16, you have to be accompanied by a legal guardian.

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