ESL Fantasy welcomes StarCraft II

ESL’s StarCraft II Fantasy League has arrived! After successfully launching ESL Fantasy earlier this week, users will now also be able to draft their very own six-player StarCraft II teams with professional players from the World Championship Series (WCS) America, WCS Europe, and GSL Code S!

There are next to no restrictions (monetary or otherwise) for players wishing to set up their Fantasy team: simply pick up the six players you think will do best (two from each of the three regions). The only thing to bear in mind is that ESL Fantasy will lock player drafts while competition is active. This means that GSL positions must be filled before the region’s RO16 begins on May the 28th, whereas positions for WCS AM and EU will be locked at a later date, when the RO16 commences in those respective regions (the same goes for the quarter finals, etc.).

Sign up with your existing ESL account or sign in with Facebook, Google or Twitter then all that’s left to do is to pick a team name and get started on choosing your players. Drafted players will earn Fantasy Points in the RO16 and the RO8 based on the following:

  • +1 point per map win
  • -1 point per map loss
  • +5 points for group win
  • +3 points for second place in group
  • +2 points for third place in group

Bonus points will be awarded during the playoffs, so if you haven’t scored well in the lead up, that could be your chance to strike back! A detailed overview of the point system can be found here

End game: the user with the most points at the end of the season wins the Fantasy league! Best of luck and be sure to share your team with us on social media using the hashtag #ESLFantasy.


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