ESL Fantasy revamped for WCS America Season 3 Launch!

After launching our Fantasy League for WCS Season 2, we’re delighted to announce that we will be continuing it for the third season! Instead of just one league this season, we will be introducing three for the three separate regions: Europe, America and Korea. Each league will have their own separate rankings, but there will also be an overall ranking where you can see how you’re faring against the rest.

Sign up for WCS AM Fantasy Season 3

Signing up for the WCS Fantasy League is simple, and you can use your existing ESL account or your Facebook, Google or Twitter. From there, you simply enter your team name and then choose your players for the current round of the competition. Each registered user can manage one team of players per league. You can start your Fantasy team once the season has started, but why miss out on any points?

For the group stages, you will draft one Fantasy player per group, so in the RO32 you will draft eight players and then four in the RO16. Once we hit the playoffs, you’ll pick one player from the upper bracket and one from the lower bracket. Take a look at the breakdown in the graphic below:

Keep in mind that you will not be able to draft your Fantasy players once competition is active, so make sure you draft before the start of the next stage of the tournament in the respective region.

We’ve made it easy for you to choose your Fantasy players. When you add a player to your lineup, you’ll be taken to the global player market, where you can see how many Fantasy points your player has amassed so far. You can see how they’ve performed this season or in the previous season, as well as in their past two, four or eight matches. There’s also a handy feature which allows you to compare one player to the rest!

As your players start battling it out in WCS, they will gain or lose Fantasy points, as shown in the following table:

You can also gain bonus points based on the following criteria:

For a more in-depth view of what you need to know, see here.

WCS AM Fantasy now live

With the brackets for WCS AM announced last week you can now lock in your players, before action kicks off this Tuesday.

Who do you think will perform best in each group?

Build your WCS Fantasy team now!

Put your competitive StarCraft 2 knowledge to the test, and join the WCS Fantasy league! However, remember to choose your players before the drafts lock for WCS America on July the 29th.


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