ESL Fantasy for the $171,500 SMITE Summer Split Pro League finals is here!

We are excited to announce ESL Fantasy for the SMITE Summer Split Pro League finals! Set to kick off this weekend, the top three teams from both the European and North American Summer Splits will soon come together to fight for their share of a massive $171,500 prize pool - and you can be part of it.

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How it works

ESL Fantasy SMITE lets you demonstrate your knowledge of the game’s esports scene as well as giving you a chance to win great prizes. The rules are simple: managers get a starting budget of $6,200 dollars and must use it effectively to form a five-player SMITE team. Points are earned based on the performance of these players, and rosters unlock every tournament day to allow you to repick your lineup.

Points are earned as follows:

  Kill Death Assist GPM Win Loss
Solo 3 -2 2 0.01 5 -5
Jungler 3 -2 2 0.01 5 -5
Midlaner 3 -2 2 0.01 5 -5
Hunter 3 -2 2 0.01 5 -5
Guardian 3 -2 2 0.01 5 -5

As all upper bracket matches will be best of fives and thus may result in a different number of maps being played, we multiply the results of all matches to fives maps. This means that each player’s per-match stats will be added up, divided by the number of maps players and multiplied by five.

The matches for fifth and third place are best of one and best of three respectively and as such effectively earn you less points, so make sure you pick your roster wisely!

Private leagues

If you just want to play against your friends, you may want want to create a private league, which are limited to six participants. After the admin of your league starts the online draft, you each pick your five-player roster.

Rosters unlocked after every tournament day as in the public ESL Fantasy competition, and you earn points based on the performance of your chosen players as shown above.


The top two ESL Fantasy SMITE managers will be able to pick up the following cool prizes:

In the case of a tie, the final winners will be decided by a coin toss.

Think you have what it takes?

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Good luck!


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