EMS One Katowice: A hard road for past champions

Group C: Danes dominating

1st  Team Dignitas Advancing to the playoffs
2nd  Fnatic Advancing to the playoffs
3rd  Reason Gaming  
4th  iBUYPOWER  

Game 1 & 2: DreamHack Winter champions, Fnatic, ran headfirst into the wall that Reason turned out to be. Always good for a potential upset, the Norwegian team once again proved their skills on an international stage. Friis and his mates pulled out all the stops as they took down the top-ranked Swedish team with a 16-8 score line. Meanwhile, Dignitas dominated iBP as Counter Terrorists on de_nuke: 14-1 was the score at halftime, with FeTiSh’s team living up to the statements he made in our interview ahead of the tournament. Although iBP was able to close the gap somewhat in terms of score, it wasn’t enough. -The Danes finished off the match 15-8.

Game 3: The Danish duel for first place in the group saw Dignitas picking up the lead early on, as they managed to keep Reason off their back with a 10-5 score at halftime. The pistol round and the two rounds following allowed Dignitas to extend their lead. However, Reason took the game to three more rounds before Dignitas was finally able to end the game 16-8. 

Game 4: iBUYPOWER and Fnatic fought hard to stay alive in the group. At first it seemed as though neither had the upper hand, but Fnatic ended up taking the first half 9-6 by pushing themselves to performing better than they did in their first match. By the second half, the American boys were picking up round after round and closing in on a victory from 6-13 to 13-15 before Fnatic managed to win their match round.

Game 5: With the playoffs within reach, both Reason and Fnatic fought hard for every round with both teams picking up some kills early on. Fnatic once again managed to turn a tight game into a close 9-6 lead before halftime. However, in the second half they stepped up their game somewhat and did their best not to give Reason any unnecessary chances. They ended up taking all seven rounds in order to close the game 16-6.

Group D: LGB giving coL a hard fight

1st  LGB Advancing to the playoffs
2nd  compLexity Advancing to the playoffs
3rd  Clan-Mystik  
4th  Natus Vincere  

Game 1 & 2: LGB and Na’Vi truly brought their A-Games to the table: the Swedes picked up the pace quite early on, leaving Edward and his team with few options. A halftime score of 10-5 ended 16-7 as olofm and his crew not only clinched their first victory of the tournament, but also showed they had more plays and tactics up their sleeves than they’d showed in the past few weeks. compLexity proved themselves to be a very dominant powerhouse in the second game of Group D. Having picked up an early lead, coL didn’t go for any extra rounds and finished off CM with a score of 16-6.  

Game 3: LGB continued dominating in their next match, this time against compLexity, going for a 9-1 lead before the US team started showing signs of resistance. 11-4 was the halftime score but the short break somehow broke through the Swedish mentality. After taking the pistol round, making the score 14-4, they dropped one round after the other. coL seized the opportunity to take two streaks, catching up to 15-11 before taking the ticket to the playoffs.​

Game 4: The match between Clan-Mystik and Na’Vi can be described as nothing less than “tense”. Both teams fought hard to keep themselves in reach of the playoffs. The French took the early upper hand, finishing the first half 10-5. starix and his team fought back and caught up to CM multiple times but in the end the ESWC champion managed to kick out the two-time Intel Extreme Masters champion with a final score of 16-13.

Game 5: compLexity, starting as Counter Terrorists on de_nuke, easily took the lead and dominated Clan-Mystik with the French unable to break the US defence as coL went 9-1. CM managed to score a couple of points by the end of the first half, finishing with 11-4. The second half saw CM fight back hard, with the score 12-12 at one point, before the Americans managed to take the final four rounds (in a row!), securing their ticket to the playoffs with a 16-12 victory.

Find all details about the events such as brackets, streams and more on csgo-emsone.com.


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