Cosplay at ESL One: what do you want to see?

Here at ESL we love it when people cosplay at our events, so we hope to see even more great costumes at ESL One Frankfurt!

To get your creative juices flowing, we've rounded up some of the best, funniest and most accurate Dota 2 cosplay around. For example...



If you were watching The International 2013, you probably saw this guy throwing out a Black Hole. Can we please get a repeat performance? You can also see a video of Enigma guy (and friends) here.

Bloodseeker by Bindi Smalls

Source: Bindi Cosplay

Bindi Smalls is pretty well-known cosplayer who pulls off some truly inspirational stuff, like this recent Bloodseeker cosplay of hers.

Invoker by Ver1sa

Source: Ver1sa's deviantART page

Everything about this Invoker is meticulously detailed all the way down to the spell orbs - it’s safe to assume that a complicated hero takes a complicated costume. For more like this, check out Ver1sa’s deviantART page.


And then there’s this guy. This one is definitely my personal favorite of the list - nothing says cosplay like a blanket and some christmas lights. So wispy.


Source: Reddit

Get over here! I think it’s safe to say that this guy nailed it.

Dragon Knight by Xen Yoo

Source: Xencraft Tech via Games in Asia

This guy looks like he’s ready to tank the world - his Dragon Knight cosplay is legendary. According to an interview, it took Yoo a few months to finish this masterpiece - talk about dedication!

Ogre Magi

Another classic from TI3, these guys pulled off an awesome Ogre Magi cosplay - check out their cameo in the crowd when Na’Vi picked Ogre Magi above. Also imagine spending an entire day strapped to your friend…

Templar Assassin and Juggernaut by Sliph's Props

Source: Sliph's Props

While you probably won’t see this lane combo too often, the guys over at Sliph's Props definitely look like they could take on anyone.

Cosplay at ESL One Frankfurt!

The benefits of coming along to ESL One Frankfurt in cosplay extend beyond just fun.

Anyone entering the cosplay competition earns themselves free admission as well as a chance at a slice of our massive €3,000 cosplay competition prize pool, which will no doubt prove pretty handy for funding your next cosplay project (or paying off the one you wear to Frankfurt!).

Click here to find out more and sign up!


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