Closing out ESL One at New York Super Week grand finals in style!

Team Secret vanquished Fnatic and CDEC Gaming on their way to the finals, while Vega Squadron went through Evil Geniuses and Invictus Gaming. But who lifted the ESL One trophy in the end?

Grand final - Team Secret vs Vega Squadron

While Team Secret opted for their successful quarterfinal opening of Crystal Maiden and Elder Titan, Vega went old school for game one with the tried and true Tiny-Io combo in the midlane. And w33ha’s Windrunner was not able to do much against the ultra aggressive, unkillable setup in mid. Vega’s incredible early game damage output carried onwards into the mid and late game as the CIS squad never took their foot off the accelerator, always keeping the pressure on the map with Io-Tiny relocates and countless amazing hookshots by Mag’s Clockwerk. In a last ditch effort with two barracks down, EternalEnvy went all out on his Anti-Mage and picked up a Rapier, but it would not be enough to save the day. Almost unchallenged, Vega Squadron took a 1-0 lead in the series.

In their elimination game, Team Secret went all out on comfort picks for their squad. Puppey Enchantress, w33ha Meepo and Pieliedie Bounty Hunter were up against Mag’s feared Broodmother. And Secret got off to an amazing start with all lanes working out in their favor. Meepo was able to bully the midlane while Vega’s aggressive trilane failed and Broodmother was held to a standstill by Misery’s Tusk. And to make it worse for Vega, the Bounty Hunter Track kills allowed Team Secret to snowball out of control even harder. Taking objective after objective, Team Secret relentlessly abused their early advantage and bullied Vega into submission, tying the series back up at 1-1.

After getting stomped by w33ha’s Meepo in game two, Vega banned the pesky geomancer right away in the first banning phase of game three. Secret instead picked up two all new heroes for the final match, the Mirana and Templar Assassin cores. And while Misery was able to secure first blood on his offlane Mirana, it was Vega who set the tone of the game with their early rotations. During the first engagements it was still a very even game with both teams able come away with important skirmish victories. But Vega’s aggression payed off eventually, forcing Team Secret to react to their movements and fight on their terms following countless Mag Clockwerk initiations. Barely being able to leave their base Team Secret managed to sneak a Rosh. but paid dearly for their endeavor, losing three heroes and the Aegis immediately, which paved the way for Vega to take down all their racks and decide the final game in their favor. Vega Squadron are your ESL One at New York Super Week champions!

Final Score: Team Secret 1-2 Vega Squadron

We had an absolute blast watching top notch Dota 2 in New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden Theatre and we can’t wait for more top tier Dota 2 in November during the Frankfurt Major. We hope to see you there!


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