Catch up with ESL Gears of War Pro League Season 2, now in progress!

Just like the Cole Train,you can’t stop the ESL Gears of War Pro League Season 2! Just in case you’ve been wandering through the cloud of an errant smoke grenade for the past two weeks, we’ve got all of the action you’ve been missing out on right here.


A lot of changes have happened in the last two weeks with teams that have qualified for the Pro League, and who is sponsoring some of them. But fear not, here’s a quick rundown of the eight teams that are currently fighting for the title of Pro League Season 2 champion.

  • Denial
  • DreamTeam
  • E6
  • eLevateGG
  • EnVyUs
  • Justus
  • OrbitGG
  • Strictly Business


The first week of matches were an action-packed brawl to see who could jump out to a good early start for Season 2. Due to technical issues on Day 2 no matches were broadcast.

DreamTeam 3 - 0 EnVyUs DreamTeam 3 - 0 Justus
ElevateGG 3 - 0 E6 Strictly Business 3 - 0 OrbitGG
OrbitGG 0 - 3 Denial eLevateGG 0 - 3 EnVyUs
Justus 2 - 3 Strictly Business Denial 3 - 0 E6


Warning! There will be spoiler for the matches from Thursday, February 18th in this section. If you haven’t watched them yet, the VODs can be found here. It’s strongly suggested that you watch them before proceeding. Done? Good. Now that you’re all up to speed we’ve got news that harkens back to Season 1: Denial is still undefeated. Keep in mind however we are only four matches in, so things can change quickly.

eLevateGG 1 - 3 DreamTeam EnVyUs 3 - 1 Justus
Denial 3 - 2 EnVyUs eLevateGG 3 - 2 Strictly Business
Strictly Business 3 - 1 E6 DreamTeam 0 - 3 Denial
Justus 3 - 1 OrbitGG E6 3 - 1 OrbitGG


See? We weren’t lying about Denial. Sadly on the flipside, Justus has yet to notch a win at all. But the middle of the table is so knotted up, that there’s no telling what will happen.


Week 3 broadcast matches will kick off on at 5PM Pacific/8PM Eastern on Thursday, February 25, and will feature matchups between Strictly Business and Justus, E6 and EnVyUs, EnVyUs and DreamTeam, and E6 vs Justus. Tune in and watch everything go down on Twitch.

The action is just heating up for the Pro League, and with six weeks remaining it is still very much anyone’s game. The remaining schedule for Season Two can be found right here, and you be sure to follow along with all of the action on Twitter and Facebook.


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