Can OG secure themselves another trophy on German soil during ESL One Frankfurt?

Ominous Ghouls, Odorless Ghosts, Original Giants - no matter the name, OG are ready for ESL One Frankfurt 2016! We may not know what OG stands for but we do know they stand for entertaining Dota 2 and as one of the crowd favorites we are looking forward to seeing them on the big stage in the Commerzbank Arena. But just what can we expect to see from them after the Manila Major? We took a closer look.

Position Player Most played heroes (patch 6.87)
Carry BigDaddy   
Mid Miracle-   
Offlane MoonMeander   
Support Cr1t-   
Support Fly   

First and foremost, it has to be said Miracle’s hero pool simply cannot be represented in our table. In the 24 games he has played on patch 6.87 he has gone through a staggering total of 15 different heroes, leaving Invoker as his most played hero with a mere three games played. We can easily sum this up with - nobody knows what to expect from OG’s midlaner. His versatility is just out of this world and his 9k MMR is most definitely not just for show. What makes this even worse for OG’s opponents, is that while all the spotlight is constantly being cast on him, the rest of the team almost flies under the radar.

And the team is much more than just “Miracle + 4”. The young mid prodigy often transitions to the position one role over the course of a game, but it starts with the drafts that allow him to snowball out of control to his heart's content. Fly has established himself as one of the premier drafters in the scene and it must be a treat for him to draft for OG, a team that just screams versatility when it comes to in game roles and hero choices. On top of that, he is currently being regarded as one of the - if not THE best - Phoenix players, forcing his opponents into even tougher ban choices right off the bat.

Recent performances

After their incredible success at the Frankfurt Major, OG enjoyed the privilege of being directly invited to most major tournaments out there. And while they showed the potential to take a series off any team on a good day, they couldn’t quite replicate their marvelous Frankfurt performance, aside from victories during the last two DreamLeague seasons. It will certainly be easier to judge their full strength after seeing them battle at the Manila Major just ahead of ESL One Frankfurt 2016.

Record over last 3 months: 30-20

Record on patch 6.87: 15-9

Recent tournament results

  • Shanghai Major: 7th-8th place
  • Epicenter: 3rd place
  • DreamLeague Season 5: 1st place

Recent matchups against ESL One Frankfurt teams

As the statistics show, OG can match up against anyone. And luckily for them, they’ve also recently gotten the chance to play against almost every one of their future ESL One Frankfurt opponents. Liquid still have all the makings of an endboss, even for OG, but lots can change in the wake of the Manila Major and knowing them, all Dota fans are in for a treat.


  • 1-2 at Epicenter
  • 0-2 at Epicenter


  • 2-1 at Shanghai Major


  • 1-2 at Shanghai Major


  • 1-2 at StarLadder i-League Invitational


  • 2-1 at StarLadder i-League Invitational
  • 2-0 at Epicenter
  • 2-0 at Epicenter

Catch OG live in Frankfurt!

Judging by their last trip to Frankfurt for the Frankfurt Major, the city suits OG just fine. Can OG win another trophy in Germany?

You can check out our previous team preview here:

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