An unpredictable second day of StarCraft II...

Fourteen players battled it out today for spots in the Quarterfinals of the US$100,000 winner takes all competition. - Lee "Life" Seung Hyun vs. Lee "Rogue" Byung Ryul will be played tomorrow at 12:00 CET before the Quarterfinal games begin. Here we take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the day. 

Check out Flickr for more pictures from Helena Kristiansson

Some brilliant gameplay

  • herO vs. HyuN
    Sudden death: with the series tied at 2:2, the players were forced into an all-deciding fifth map. Things were looking rather dire for Kim "herO" Joon Ho on Frost. Most had written him off. Then came what can only be described as one of the most brilliant plays of the day: the Protoss player blinked his way out of trouble and into the Quarterfinals, leaving the crowd in Katowice (and Twitch chat) utterly amazed.   
  • san vs. MC & Dear vs. HerO
    The results of these PvP matchups are something no one other than Artosis could have seen coming: Kang "san" Cho-Won kicked the BossToss out and Baek "Dear" Dong Jun defeated recent Intel Extreme Masters Cologne champion, Song "HerO" Hyeon Deok. Final scores were 3:1 for both matchups - absolute must sees.   
  • TaeJa vs. StarDust
    The confusion was strong with this one. TaeJa dropped the first two games in the best of five series causing much confusion amongst the audience (and the casters), only to win the next three games in a row! Most would have crumbled under the pressure of having to come back from 2:0, but not TaeJa. If you didn't watch it live (and even if you did), the five game series is definitely one worth watching (again). 
  • Jjakji vs. Revival
    What an absolutely amazing game to close out the day. Jung "jjakji" Ji Hoon took an early lead in the series before losing two maps in swift succession. Heading into Heavy Rain things looked bad, but after switching up into a mech composition and some back-and-forth engagements, he finally managed to defeat Kim "Revival" Dong Hyun's swarmhost-muta army and level the series at 2:2. With the crowd chanting his name, he switched back to a bio-focused army for Daedalus Point and closed out the series in a short game... 

In case you missed any of the action - or if you want to re-watch any of the games - our ESL TV crew have been working hard to upload everything to our YouTube Channel. - Extra content (such as Interviews, etc.) will also be added to the channel so it's definitely something to consider checking out. 

Social Media you might have missed

There was a lot going on today in the world of the Intel Extreme Masters with StarCraft and League of Legends (not to mention that if you're a Counter Strike fan, there's EMS One) hosting an amazing set of games... did you catch all of this:

  • MC's Plan B
    Do you remember the following tweet that Jang "MC" Min Chul posted ahead of the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship?

    Today he posted his "Plan B" on Facebook. - It's well worth checking out. Absolutely hilarious, as always! We were sad to see him leave the competition today. Best of luck to him in the future!

  • Spider-HyuN's new shoes
    Intel Extreme Masters New York saw the appearance of "Spider-HyuN". - Today he was awarded his custom-made Converse shoes:

Join us tomorrow at 12:00 CET for Life vs. Rogue. - Quarterfinals will begin at 13:00 CET. For more information, brackets, etc. please visit  


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