7 reasons you should watch the WGL Season 5 finals this weekend

The Season 5 finals of the Wargaming League Europe are on their way to Sofia, Bulgaria, where the top six teams in Europe will battle it out for €100,000. After eleven online match days, the teams will heading to the Sofia Event Center in the heart of the city for a chance at glory - here’s why you should tune in and watch!

World of Tanks esports has been reinvented

Gone are the days of tankies sitting around their campfires for many hours on end. Gone are the days of endless draws and pointless all-in rushes - World of Tanks has ushered in a new age of exciting, action-packed, fast-paced and awesome attack and defense.

The new mode is simple: one team attacks and the other must defend. If the attacker can kill all the enemies’ tanks or capture one of their two bases, they get a point on the scoreboard. More details on the new mode can be found here.

The Grand Finals are coming!

Wargaming recently announced the second edition of the World of Tanks Grand Finals, which are to be held in Warsaw, Poland, at the impressive EXPO XXI. The top two from each region will be making their way to fight for the ultimate prize and eternal glory, which means the teams heading to the Season 5 finals will be fighting for these two spots.

Find more information about the Grand Finals over on the teaser portal page.

Two league newcomers will be up against the old guard

Two new teams to Season 5, WUSA and GGWP.PRO, have managed to bag themselves a spot at the finals with some outstanding play throughout the eleven online match days. Can they continue their run of dominance or will the finals prove too much, especially against veterans like Virtus.PRO, Kazna Kru and Schoolbus?

Can anyone take down Schoolbus?

The last two offline events have seen Schoolbus take first place against Virtus.PRO, but they have had a shaky season due to roster changes and the natural struggle to stay on top. The joke within the league is that Virtus.PRO are the unofficial sponsors of Schoolbus, but will they break their curse or will a dark horse like WASD Gaming surprise?

Wargaming’s first official event in Bulgaria

If you’re from Bulgaria and a fan of Wargaming, you’ve probably been waiting for this moment for a very long time. Now it has finally arrived, and we’re going straight to the capital! There is no entry fee but space is limited, so bag yourself a spot by signing up via this forum thread. Not only will you be able to watch two action-packed days live but there will also be other events on the stage and plenty of goodies.

Tanks will still blow each other up

In Season 4, we saw a lot of tanks blow each other up, and now in Season 5 we will see the same amount of tanks blow each other up but at a much faster rate. This increase in pace has led to teams having to dramatically improve their coordination in teamfights, where teamwork means everything. Did I mention that there’ll be explosions? If not, yes there will be, and from many different calibers of gun.

Just started playing WoT or interested in picking it up?

If you’re looking to start playing World of Tanks, there is no better way to start than by watching the best in Europe fight tooth and nail for every little of advantage.

If you’re already rolling out on the battlefield but want to improve your skills in order to better show the red team who’s boss, looking at what the 0.1% does will definitely give you the edge. Want to know the best positions on Himmelsdorf? The best place to gather information on Prokhorovka? Or maybe how to correctly angle your tank? Tune in to find out!

The finals will be streamed on Twitch, and if you want to join us live at the Sofie Event Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, sign up on the forums. To keep up to date with the event, be sure to follow Wargaming League Europe on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

See you on the battlefield!


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