Community Streaming Guidelines

We welcome community streamers in all languages to broadcast our Dota 2 events using DOTA TV. It is important for us that the Dota 2 community grows and has access to top level Dota 2 content.

We want to encourage community streamers to be creative and produce exciting content for their fans, at the same time, we would like to emphasise that in-line with the Dota 2 community stream policy the community streams should be strictly non-commercial.

In addition, the following streaming requirements must be followed by all community streamers of the Dota 2 events produced by ESL. Those requirements are created to enable long-term growth and sustainability of us and our official partners while still enabling streamers and community personalities to cover the event:

1. Streaming Titles

The community stream title has to follow a standardised format of “Full Name of Event – Team A vs. Team B”, for example, “ESL One Malaysia 2022 – Team A vs. Team B”.

2. Do's and Don'ts

Community streamers must not have professional studio level broadcast features such as a live producer, balancing audio or playing graphics. In addition, a physical set with several talents is not allowed. This list is not exhaustive, if in doubt please contact us for a confirmation.

3. Environment

Create a positive and inclusive environment and ensure proper moderation of your chat.

The community stream’s twitch channel must include an Info Box that links to the main broadcast.

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