Community Broadcast Guidelines

We welcome community content creators in all languages to engage with ESL’s Counter-Strike tournaments. These community broadcast guidelines are set in place to act as a guide for the various ways to engage with our content.

We encourage community content creators to read these rules thoroughly before broadcasting any matches. Community content creators need to follow these rules in order to avoid any type of infringement action potentially being taken against your channel.

Open Qualifiers

The Open Qualifiers act as an entry point for new and aspiring community content creators to broadcast. Once an Open Qualifier is live and in order to broadcast, you must first obtain/request CSTV IP by joining the ESL Community Broadcast Discord and follow the below guidance:

Content creators

Community content creators are only allowed to broadcast by accessing CSTV (f.k.a. GOTV, in-game).

It is strictly prohibited to re-stream any of the official broadcast feeds, in any language.

Streaming Titles

The stream title has to follow a standardized format of “Full Name of Event - Team A vs. Team B”, for example, “IEM Cologne 2023 - NAVI vs. FaZe Clan”.


You create a positive and inclusive environment, ensuring proper moderation of your chat and be sure to inform your audience that any views, thoughts or opinions expressed does not represent ESL.

Do's and Don'ts

You do not display any sponsors during the broadcast which is a competitor to the Global Sponsors of the tournament. Please familiarize yourself with associated sponsors before you start your broadcast. This applies to your stream, physical product placement, overlay graphics, streaming channel panels, chat, chatbots and similar methods.

For languages and/or countries which ESL has sold exclusive broadcast rights for the Open Qualifiers, community casters will not be able to broadcast in those languages or territories.

Closed Qualifiers

The Closed Qualifiers are by default not offering CSTV access to the community and are restricted to ESL’s official broadcast, co-streaming and any existing media rights partners.

Main Event

The Main Event is by default not offering CSTV access to the community and is restricted to ESL’s official broadcast, co-streaming and any existing media rights partners.


Co-streaming rights have to be requested for each tournament and are limited to English streams on Twitch. You can request co-streaming rights if there is an official English broadcast by sending a request to [email protected]. Please provide a link to your channel, as well as the tournament you are interested in at least 3 business days prior to the start of the event. If you are interested in co-streaming in another language, please connect with our media rights team via the method below.

Media rights

For inquiries about obtaining media rights for ESL’s content, please go here for further assistance. We ask for inquiries to be sent at least 7 business days before the tournament starts.

ESL reserves the right to modify the community broadcast guidelines at any time.


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